Jul 30, 2012

Yard Sales

I hardly ever pass by a yard sale without stopping.  It's a compulsion.  I have almost no control over it.

The desktop file cabinet has the most wonderful patina.  And...it's super heavy.

It will either hold recipe cards...or Latin note cards.  I haven't decided yet.  Cost $10

The pastel of the woman was also $10.  I did not need it...but the colors are beautiful and we had sold a lot at our own garage sale that week-end...so I had some cash in my pocket.  The Italian tray $1.  The Native Couple $2.

The candle stick was $10 as well.  But the globe...is the real find.  It's old....as you can tell.

I've been using my phone for photos cuz the boys have had our camera kit all tied up with music video shoots.  Sorry about the quality of the images.