Dec 30, 2006


When I'm forgiven I feel a lot better. I feel happy again and put back together. I like to forgive but it's really hard, you know? It's easier to forgive when the other person is truly repentful.


Dec 29, 2006

Serving a Sovereign Lord

So what causes a man to turn from the road he is on and travel in a new direction? It is of the Lord.

The Grand Canyon

Woman #1 tries to jump the chasm seperating one side of the Grand Canyon from the other ...and she makes it pretty far...but sadly, plummets to her death. Woman #2 tries to jump the chasm seperating one side of the Grand Canyon from the other...and she manages to make it further than woman #1...but not far enough...and sadly, plummets to her death as well. Woman #3 tries to jump the chasm ...and makes it the furthest of all who try...but still falls short...and sadly, dies beside her friends.
There is a great divide called sin...which separates us from a Holy and Just God. Try and try as we might to bridge that divide by our good works...we always fall short. The only bridge that offers us safe passage across is...Jesus. The father loves us so much...that He gave us the Son...so that the chasm caused by sin...could be crossed +

If we say there is no sin in us...then the truth is not in us.

Dec 28, 2006

Dec 27, 2006

The Prince of Peace

Totally awesome
Humongous and ginormous
Eager to save us

Perfectly pure
Real in our hearts
Is the savior of the world
Nana and papa love JESUS
Can do anything
Extraordinarily cool

Our king

Pleased with worship
Excellent at teaching people
An expert at love
Can do all things
Everyone is special to Him

by Jemima