Jul 27, 2012


We periodically receive residuals in the mail from SAG.  Dwindling down payments which trickle in from jobs of a long ago era.   The extra $$$$$ is always appreciated.  But truthfully....it's not much. It might cover a grocery bill or a dinner out.... something like that.

Let me share how the Lord has provided abundantly & recently for our family through Screen Actor's Guild.

A few years ago...while living in the desert...attempting to make ends meet on a ministry salary with a family of 7 to support...Bradley took a SAG job.  It was a commercial.  He was hired as an extra.   We needed the $600 payment and my husband did what he needed to do... to get it for us.    His presence on set...in the capacity he was used ...made a huge impression on at least one other actor...someone who admires Bradley's career & resumee.  His willingness to take a job he didn't really want to take out of obedience to the Lord...made a huge impact on me also...and I'm sure our boys as well.

Well, because of that job and one other voice -over gig which paid $450 ...he has earned enough to qualify for health benefits.

You see, we lost our health benefits when we left Arizona and thought we would be stuck paying $700/month...which would have been a huge burden.  Now, we are paying $200 for all 7 of us.

The Lord is so faithful.  What we thought what was a $1040 blessing a few years back....wound up being more like an unexpected additional $6000 blessing in the here and now.

None if it took the Lord by surprise.  He knew when He provided the jobs in the first place that we would need the benefits from those jobs today.

What an amazing Father!  What a Provider!

Originally Posted July 13, 2011