May 31, 2009

Update: It's 12:44 and two very lovely stranger girls just rang the doorbell...got hugs from the guys and entered my home. Gotta go to bed. Gotta go to bed. Gotta go to bed.

It's 12:36 AM and these boys just polished off two pounds of ziti in five minutes flat.

May 29, 2009

High School Grad

A few years ago....our eldest, Bria.....was ready to begin a high school level course load...which instantaneously sent me into panic mode.

At the time, he thought he really wanted to go to "school."

I...the official day in and day out overseer of his education.... was unsure about what to do. I was shaky about my previously held deep down convictions because I was lacking in "high school" teaching experience and confidence.

Not wanting to miss some sort of boat...and wanting to cover all our bases....we kept our options open. He spent the day shadowing at a local charter school. He paid a visit to a larger campus on the other side of town...gave a writing sample etc.

Bradley and I were not settled with either option. People would think that my tears came every time I thought about "letting him go"....you know, because I'd miss him as he ventured out into the "big bad world." But that wasn't the case. I got weepy every time I thought about keeping him home. I couldn't talk about it without filling up. I knew the Lord was bringing me out of a place where I had grown comfortable. I absolutely knew within a short period of time....that my struggle wasn't with sending him off....but with moving forward and walking with assurance in the Lord. Walking the path he had set us on way back when....in humility and confidence.

Co-op was the only thing that made sense to us...and community college. My heart knew what we were to do but we had a son who might think otherwise.

Bria was given an option and we prayed that his heart would align w/ours. Veritas Prep or home-education.

He chose home-education.

Today he graduates high school at 17 w/his freshman year of college completed. We are so thankful for our boy. Yeah, sure we are proud....of all his hard work and initiative....but we are thankful above pride because of who he is in the Lord and how he works out his salvation. Thankful to the Lord...the One who guides Bria's steps and leads his heart.

The Lord does not always call the equipped...but He always equips the called.
One kid down...four to go!

May 27, 2009

"I have loved you with an everlasting love."
Jeremiah 31:3

May 25, 2009

Oh, that America would be a nation that blesses the Lord.

May 23, 2009

After a certain point in time...due to circumstances and during my youth....I was confronted with the reality that some of my "friends" weren't hanging around because they necessarily liked me all that much. There were those who were attracted to me for other reasons.

I could spot them a mile away.

Michael was my friend. My "Duckie." (Bonus points if you catch that reference)I have thought of him often over the years and missed him dearly.

This facebook thing is almost too much for me to handle. I seriously want to kiss the guy's face who came up with this fabulous invention.

May 21, 2009

Zion is no longer in "Kindergarten."

She is officially a "Big Girl" even though she's still the baby.


Paper Bag Dramatics.

The assignment: Using the random items in your paper bag...come up w/a story and act it out.

Zion and Jefferson were quite convincing in the skit, "The Princess Who Gave The Hobo Money."

The kids saw a desert creature and their whole wide world stood still for a moment in time.

May 18, 2009

Playing Supermarket

I started saving (washing out first) empty grocery items. After a few days ...the girls had enough for a full blown afternoon of "shopping" fun.


Ballet Class

May 15, 2009

Farrah's Story

This was a fantastic film. See it if you can.

We are pretty thrifty around here. I love sales...in fact, I would rather do most anything else.... than pay full price for stuff. Even when we get our car washed... we drive through one of those $5 deals w/a do it yourself vacuum. Most of the time we just pull out the hose.

Somewhere along the line...Zion realized that if you take off your bathing suit bottoms and pour soap directly onto the driveway....you can slip and slide pretty well. I stepped outside to find her half buck naked....oblivious to the fact that we live in a neighborhood w/neighbors.

Ham & Cheese Crisp

Flat Out Bread (Costco) w/2 slices of deli ham & 2 slices of deli swiss. Under the broiler and sliced like pizza.


Stuart Weitzman's

Jemima got her first pair of Suart Weitzman's. $7.50 @ Savers.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I have one who's currently got me a little looney (probably not the one who comes to mind)...one who needs deeper engagement...one who is awakening to the world and taking some big strides...one who defines "chill"...and one who is testing new waters.

I've come to realize that not one of them has gotten the exact same me as their siblings have. I am ever learning, ever growing, and ever changing...hopefully for the better. Sure, there's some things that stay the same...but many, many things have differed during the various seasons of my life. I've been steadfast, apathetic, depressed, fun, anxious, fearful, focused, distracted, motivated, angry, hopeful, resentful, stressed, mournful, joyful....and a handful of other things.....along the way.

My hope and prayer is that I can look the each of my children in the eye and say, "Through it all, I tried to give you the best of me."

My kids are smart. Really really smart. There are times when I am not giving them my best and they know it.

That's when I get around to saying, "I haven't given my best. I've settled for less and I'm sorry."

There is no perfect home this side of Heaven. There are no perfect earthly parents. If we are honest with them and speak truth...I truly believe we will see miracles daily.

May 8, 2009

Prayer Request

Oh, Lord..please intervene in a discernable manner. Lord, please leave no room for doubt.

Damon is aware of your prayers and thankful for them. Please continue.

He will check here when he is able. I know your comments will mean a lot to him.

May 7, 2009

Relational troubles. That's what gets to me.

That's where I am tempted to manifest impatience, lack of trust, pride, fear, blame, idol worship....etc. You name it and I will most likely manifest it during seasons of relational trouble.

And just when I feel like I've got a handle on a certain relationship...meaning I've learned through submission and obedience to operate in the spirit...

.....then out of nowhere trouble crops up somewhere else...and I'm right back smack in the flesh.

Oh...to walk in victory each and every day.

May 3, 2009

Blue Cloud...

...and Crazy Creek gettin their groove on at the Celebrity Theatre.

When we went on that six week mission trip w/Native Praise Gospel Band my road name was Rainbow Rainbow. We caravanned in four cars...throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma...and everywhere in between....using walkie talkies to communicate while in transit. "Rainbow Rainbow needs to pullover again for another pit stop." What a fun trip!

We slept in guest rooms, church basements and even on the floor of a Victory Outreach. It was the first time in our lives when being "white" placed us outside of already determined circles. I'll never forget arriving at a home and hearing.... "What are these white kids doing in my house?"..... when the patriarch of the family entered the room. He might've been joking....but he was serious. Also, hearing all about "white" churches for the first time. What an education. Breaking through barriers wasn't the easiest thing to do...but once the Lord tumbled walls...life long friends were made.

We all learned a lot about grace on that trip.

May 2, 2009

Christian Filmmakers

The girls don't get to experience much spray paint art living in this here neck of the woods. For the longest time whenever we would visit L.A...they would take extra special notice of all the "fagrriti."

Years ago....I was a writer in Hollywood. Bradley and I had two young sons and we were struggling in our marriage. It was a desperate time and on top of everything else...we needed money. I got a call from my agent....who had set up a meeting with a production company. They wanted to buy a treatment of mine and hire me to write the teleplay. Money for the treatment. Money for the script. Future residuals. Perfect timing.

Or not.

I remember sitting in an office on Ventura Blvd....around a conference table...with three men in suits. They were nice guys....offering me an opportunity and I was excited. Until one word came out of their mouths ....Bonneville.

My leg began to shake (you know how it does when you are nervous)...and my heart rate rose. I studied these men. Searched their eyes. Did they know? Was this some sort of test?

I don't think I heard a word they said afterwards...story note wise...because that is not what I was focused on.

With a quivering voice...I stopped them. "Off topic, I know.....but.... can I ask you a question?" Three pairs of eyes looked at me expectantly. "Sure."

I made eye contact with all three. It was as if it were happening in slow motion. "Are you....Bonneville Entertainment....the same Bonneville as the LDS Bonneville?

"Yeah, that's us but we....the three of us.... aren't LDS." They continued on with their story ideas....with all the creative possiblites.

My leg shook faster...automatically...outside of my control. My mouth went dry. I pictured Bradley in the Chinese Donut Shop across the street with Bria and Mcabe....waiting for me...hoping for the job and the security (albeit false sense of security) that the money would bring.

My heart pumped out of my chest.

I was silent. I was being watched.

The three guys in suits were waiting for a response....to what question...I do not know. I missed it.

I took a deep breath.

"Fellas...I need to tell you something. I do not wish to offend and I don't expect you to understand...but I don't think I can go forward with this meeting. (then) Last week, I was born again. I am a Christian...................... and I will not be working for Bonneville."

They turned and looked to each other...puzzled? or maybe understanding?

One spoke up. "I am a Lutheran and he (pointing) is Jewish. We are not LDS even though the company is owned by the LDS church." I have no idea what the third guy was....he never said.

I made eye contact again and steadied myself.

"I appreciate the opportunity. I am happy you like my work...but it is not something that is going to happen.,...us working together on this project."

"Okaaaaaay," one of them said.

"Thank you for your time. I hope I didn't waste it."

All three stood.

I shook each of their hands and left the room.

In the elevator my whole body caught up with my leg. I shook all over. Tears welled in my eyes. How whould I explain to Bradley?

There was a pay phone by the wall. I placed a shaky call to my agent ....relating the story and my decision. He was very gracious and let me know that he was in full support of me. Secretly, I believed that he thought I had lost my mind....but he never let on.

Next, I placed a call to my parents in Arizona. This is where I lost it. I broke down in the lobby of Bonneville...as I realized the spiritual battle that I had just walked through and survived. My parents were awesome...and encouraged me to face Bradley with the simple truth.

As I made my way to the car....I could see the smile on Bradley's face....ready to hear all the details of the meeting. He and the boys were waiting proudly for me.

I climbed into the front seat and explained what had happened as best I could. My husband did not yet have spiritual eyes to see. He knew me though. He knew how I operated and he knew that this decision was a done deal...born and solidified in conviction. He never brought it up again.

A few months later...he was saved.


Jump to 2009. Bria has been offered a paying job on a 21 day shoot. Great for the experience....great for contacts...great for the resume....great for the wallet. He is thrilled by the opportunity.

Or not.

Low and behold...he comes to learn that it is a LDS church project he's been asked to work on.

On his own....before speaking with us....he turns the job down out of conviciton.

In his own words, "There's just no way."

Knowing how difficult decisions like these can be....I encouraged him to stay true to and always walk in his convictions.

He is awesome (under the Lord's guidance) because I know how badly he wanted this job but then I saw how loosely his grip on it actually was.


All this to say.......Christians need to be producing more films. Good films. Films that reach, teach, inspire, and entertain.

May 1, 2009

Third Day

Celebrity Theatre.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fun nite. My new nickname for Mac Powelll is Preacher Man. This guy brings it every single time. I absolutely believe that he is saying what he means and meaning what he says.

If you ever get the chance....you MUST catch one of their shows.Third Day