Jul 31, 2009

NYC Friday

Central Park

Where's Bria and Mcabe?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. What an amazing day! Bradley says it was one of the best days of his life.

All 7 of us got in for $20...which tickles me to no end.

Okay...here's the challenge:

Identify each work of art. Include Title and Artist.












Jul 30, 2009

NYC Thursday

Washington Square Park.
The girls and I witnessed a heated confrontation break out between a crazy homeless guy and a group of gentlemanly street performers. Good thing the cops were summoned...because the homeless guy resembled an Irish Charles Manson and he was quite furious with the noise level in his home...the park.

I didn't realize how much I forgot about being in the city until...returning. The screeching sound of the subway brakes....like demons being tortured. The hot hot sweaty
subway platform sticky air...relieved only a bit by the breeze kicked up by passing trains. The plethora of talented subway performers...and how amazingly diverse they are.


Jemima bumped smack into Parson's. "Designers....work it out!"

Of course we can't be for certian because it's not like we asked....but we are 99.999% sure that we shared the rear of a restaurant w/ 3 delightful working girls and their "boss." Our daughters were clueless...but I got across the room eye contact and some raised eyebrows from the boys.

Times Square.

Where's Bria and Mcabe?

Greenwich, Ct....Bay Ridge, Bklyn...Wednesday

Greenwich, Ct.
My old home...I miss it so much.

Todd's Point reunion. Long lost friends...I miss them so much.




Aunt Sandy

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
58th & 5th...where both sets of grandparents lived...where my parents grew up on the same block.

Mom and her parents, Katherine and Richard lived in this brownstone.

Dad and his parents, Alice and Hans lived in this corner apartment.

Johnny's Pizza was directly across the street.
I started to cry the minute I walked in the door. So many memories. So much emotion.

Recognition flickered across the face of the the older guy."You're not related to Ricky?????????are you?...he asked. "I am. I'm his sister"...I sniffled and wiped the tears from my cheeks. "I knew it! You looka just lika your mother!" He pointed to Zion..."And she looks justa lika you when you were a little girl!" Johhny is no longer here but his son runs the place now and made me feel as if it were just yesterday when we saw each other in the neighborhood as kids.

NYC Monday

Ground Zero

Lady Liberty

Under the Brooklyn Bridge


Little Italy

Hudson Square Jazz