May 8, 2017


Our taxi driver tells us Greece is 2-3 months from collapse.  he has 8 kids.  Nobody works.  There is no work.  Everybody sleeps.  Citizens are opposed to the gvt. Opposed to the EU. opposed to Islamic invasion. He loves trump so much.  He had a sermon playing on his radio as he drove us through a very impoverished part of town.  Wearing a plain black woven cross necklace...he was a nice guy  I was happy to meet.

Our apartment was amazing.  Temple of Zeus out the window.

Temple of Athena and The Parthenon

Dad was having a cigar.  Zion tried it.

Temple of Hephaestus

Back to the Opposite Game. Poor Brad...he had no idea.  He thought his precious baby girl was posing so sweetly.

Museum of Ancient Agora & Church of the Apostles

Mars Hill View

Dried Fruits & Nuts Wagon

Temple of Zeus

Mars Hill was my favorite spot in Athens so we went back.

Drive to the airport.

7 Day Mediterranean Cruise

 First Night Sunset

Early morning Mount Etna, an active volcano.

Messina, Sicily.

The Majestic.  Brand new ship. Fantastic!

We have this thing in our family...where we play the Opposite Game.

 Kotor, Montenegro


 Tears streaming down my face as we pulled out.  It was such a beautiful moment. Worship.

So great to sightsee all day and then relax before dinner. The boys were challenged to a game of Ping Pong.  They beat the Asians!

Chania, Crete


Last night on the ship.  That went fast!