Jul 27, 2012

Metro / Olvera St. / Philippe

The Metro system here in LA is something new for Bradley and I.  They never used to have such a thing.  Much cleaner than NYC.  No rats in sight.  Quick & convenient.  And lo and behold...who did we bump into?????......Hollywood Jesus

Olvera St.....Visited numerous times as a kid and....we've been to Mexico again and again.  It was kinda like my experiences of Mexico...but not really.  Warm and inviting.  Intoxicating smells...sounds...colors.  Authentic.  I can't put my finger on the difference???  It must have to do w/the nuances of Mexican culture...of which I am unaware.  I cannot wait to go back and eat here.  The food looks to die for.  We were pointed to a place for authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate...but it was 82 degrees outside and too hot of a day to partake.

On a side note...I really really really like the layout of the oldest home in LA.  Open air courtyard in the center...living quarters all around.

Philippe. Can you spot Mcabe and Bradley in that top right shot? This place was nuts.  Super long lines...many of them in one room.  Old fashioned counter service w/ busy boys etc.  Zion got a kick out of the telephone booth lighting up when you close the door...which made me get a kick out of her.

And the ride back.  We decided being near tough looking armed guards while underground in a large city where terrorism alerts are flashed onscreen and earthquakes may occur and any given moment....can never be a bad thing. 

Someone pooped out during the 24 minute ride over the hill into the valley. 

Originally Posted:January 2, 2012