Jul 27, 2012

Being Back

It's so strange being back.  Things are so oddly familiar...yet entirely new.  I pass street corners ..only to realize that they hold great significance in the recesses of my mind as they disappear into my rear view mirror.

"That's the place where Daddy and I... such and such."

"Oh...that's where Uncle and I... did this or that."

"Once...Julie and I.......oh, never mind."

It's all nostalgia and meaningless unless you lived it.   I'm sure for the kids...my musings re; long ago... go in one ear and out the other.

I feel like a foreigner in her home land.   Getting my footing.  In some ways though...it's as if I never left.

Weird.  Weird.  Weird.

Almost every single day someone encourages Bradley.

Random strangers.  Trader Joe's employees...waiters..the guy behind the register at the vitamin shop  etc.    He's been missed and his work is appreciated.    As his wife...it's nice to see that.

This guy, Nick Metropolis is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet and a fantastic storyteller.  What a character.  In fact, someone's producing a reality show about his furniture place.  He lets homeless men sleep inside the gates at night in exchange for their help around the shop.   Anyway...he chatted with us for  over an hour...saying that it was so good to see us again (when we left LA...Nick bought all of our furniture) and have us back in town.  Sounds like a bunch of baloney...I know...but this guy means it.  He's so genuine.  We got a great dining table from him for $125 bucks.

Never met Mr. Anderson before...but I found him today at the Melrose Trading Post and he has a bench that I want!   It's a double in kelley green.  Well worth $250 bucks but it will have to wait :(

Found Odessa Grocery...a Russian Deli..... by accident.  They carry the very tea biscuits that Bradley and I bought for the girls while  in Russia and Kazakhstan.   Both remembered :)...maybe not with 100% clarity...but the simple sweetness and the texture...the shapes...were definitely familiar to their senses.

We stocked up on supplies.  Lots of fun.

Originally Posted: July 7, 2011