Jun 29, 2014

BIG Twenty

Mcabe and Braverijah have a bond that is amazing behold.  It's been that day since Day 1.  They are so similar in so many ways but woven differently too.

Mcabe's very witty.  And very determined.  Strong willed.   

He's always had this raspy voice which goes perfectly with his rascal ways.

He is a very good younger brother.  Loyal.

Mcabe's always been a snuggler...cuz he's quite tender-hearted.

I  am humbled by the way both boys welcomed their sisters into the home.  With so much joy and wide open arms.

Today...since it's his Birthday....I will focus on Mcabe.

Mcabe is a very good older brother.

He's a mush.  So sensitive.  Forgiving.  And, protective.  Hope-filled.

Compassionate.  And encouraging.  Caring.  Generous.  Other-centered.

Warm.  Doting.  Affectionate.

I've decided to post photos of the young Mcabe Justus because I cannot handle the fact that he's 20.

It's just too much for me to bear at this moment in time.


He's also a little Dickens.  He KNOWS how much I dislike "love yas."

So of course I get this...

Sassy.  And so sweet.

So Mcabe.

Jun 28, 2014

Good Places in LA

Monte Carlo's in Burbank.  This is a old fashioned Italian corner market.  They have the BEST deals on pasta.  All sorts of shapes and sizes.  Crazy shapes.

Reality LA

If you are looking for solid Bible teaching...you will find it here.  Hard truths.  Life changing.

( btw....I think it is so LA to have a condom billboard directly under the Hollywood sign and over your kids event...lol)

Fryman Canyon is Zion's favorite canyon to hike.  Especially at sunset. 

LACMA ...beautiful grounds.  Completely pleasant.

Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe  in Studio City has my favorite gelato offerings.  Flavors like Lavender and Chocolate Chile.  This week I had a cup of Lemon Basil and it was to die for good.  

Jun 20, 2014

First Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the official first day of summer.  Not much changes for us when this occurs..."education wise."

We still do what we do the rest of the year.

Learn about things...hang out with each other and others...work...play.

Beach Days...

Jemima building up the inventory in her etsy shop....

Denouncing terrorism in Los Angeles alongside others.   And praying for the safe return of kidnapped boys.

 Moving right along with lessons...

 ...I love summer.

Jun 11, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

Six dances each...meant eighteen costume changes.  

Nana & Papa and girlfriends showed their love & support.

Jemima got on pointe this year!

Jun 9, 2014

BIG 11

10 was a tough year.  Probably the toughest one so far.  Yes.  By far the toughest.  Loss...fears...challenges...disappointments...so much growth.  So much growth!  As a mom...it took my breath away...literally...to see her dealing directly with the Lord...to hear her hard questions being brought to him...sometimes yelled out loud...sometimes sobbed into her pillow...to see her patience grow and her trust in Him building...to see her obedience and her relationship with Him deepening.

There were lots of fun times too.  Lots of them.

Even so.....GOODBYE ten and HELLO eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to celebrate Zion's Birthday.  What an absolute joy she is.  Our home is all the more wonderful because she is in it.  

Jun 6, 2014

Class of 2014

Jemima Bakytgul Gregg

* tender

* truth teller

* discerner

* diligent

* driven

* giving

* sassy

* sensitive

* logical

* loyal

* hopeful

* a realist