Aug 31, 2009

For those of you praying for our "week-end flair up"....the boys submitted. They did not appear too pleased when they took their seats alongside the five of us...but their appearance made me cry. Just a small tear that didn't actually make it to my cheek. They didn't notice.

They did notice, however that I was weeping with snots dripping from my nose and tears streaming down my face for the next hour or so.... throughout the entire sermon. I cannot fathom how intimately involved the Lord is in the affairs of our lives. Never even entertain for one moment...that He is not an ever present help. When we do not sense His presence...it's not because He isn't there.

And then...after the service...the Lord placed the perfectly correct person in their path. As we were leaving...they were talking with the person we would hope they would be talking with.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Lord, thank you.


Haven't gotten verbal apologies but we did get a phone call from one...asking permission to do something before going ahead and doing it on his own (softened heart) and an "I love you" from the other before bed. That one also asked for his arm to be scratched and for me to "play w/his hair" during the sermon...(softened heart.) Fruit.

How I do love the Holy Spirit.

Aug 30, 2009

We love Sonny and Sandra Silversmith.

Their son, Marcus is pretty darn cute too.

Grandpa Begay (Sandra's dad) is preparing to meet the Lord. Today I had the honor of capturing his family on film.

Fun Churches

We have a little problem flaring up again over here. A nickelodean/disney land Church is vying for the attention of two of my children. It is a fun church. They do fun things. Lots of fun things. Recently they pulled a fun all-niter at a local water park (in and of itself not a bad thing.) I hear every week there are half pikes (Brad tells me it's "pipes" but that I have to leave "pikes" because it's so cute that I didn't know the correct word) set up in the parking lot (in and of itself not a bad thing.) FUN! FUN! FUN! They have friends there. More FUN!

We do not mind fun in it's appropriate place. We love fun. In fact, we ARE fun people who very much like other fun people. We ourselves even have fun at church.

Not at that church. We did not think it was an amusing place. We found the fun to be a smokescreen distracting those who were having all the fun from lukewarm things.

(For the purposes of this post....church=campus where people gather for corporate worship and instruction in the Word.)

We do not want to exasperate....which we fully own doing in the past. We ourselves attended this fun church for a few months a few years back when we were "churchless" desert wanderers seeking after a faithful place.

We now find ourselves sitting under Biblically sound teaching...in a class...w/in a church. The teaching is killing us. And at the same time...bringing with it...life. We see hope for the first time in a very long time.

Please pray for soft hearts and wisdom from above.

Some people would say we are crazy...to be concerned over such matters. Leave the kids alone they might say...at least they want to get up and go to church today...on their own initiative.

Part of that is true. Deep down...I get that.

But I also see tiny seeds of rebellion trying with all their might to take root...even deeper down.


No one ever said it would be easy...this parenting thing. And the issues simply change as they get older.

Oh Lord, that we have taught them the ways in which they should go...and that as they grow older...they will not depart from it.

Aug 29, 2009

Socialized Education

Okay....so I've been processing something for the past couple of weeks.

I have been wondering why I have such a check in my spirit every time I see government financial aid paperwork and advertisements while on campus w/the boys. I haven't looked in to anything...but this little red flag keeps popping in to my brain each time I even ponder the possibility of reading the info. In an attempt to further my own understanding...I promise to read through the material tomorrow or the next day....or when I get around to it.

Obviously, I am opposed to the government being in charge of / even involved in my childrens' education.

Obviously, I am opposed to even the very idea of single-payer health care.

They correlate.

In these areas I do not want the government telling me what to do...when to do it...who to do it with...or how to do it. I do not think government has a Constitutional leg to stand on as far as these matters are concerned.

Who knows where this will lead? What else will be revealed though all these musings? Unravel in my thinking? It feels like a snowball is headed downhill and gaining momentum.

I am pretty sure that if a country buys in to socialized education...then one day they will buy in to socialized health care. Why wouldn't they?

If it sends it's kids to government run schools without blinking an eye...but opposes government run health care...well then at least they would have to acknowledge the inherent inconsistency.

Remember all those oppressed citizens two thousand some odd years ago who thought Jesus would come as a political figure and rescue from the then current climate? And all the political leaders of the day who thought the unassuming Man who entered town on a donkey to cries of "Hosanna" would upset their political apple carts?

Politics cannot save us.


Time for the Greggs to search high and low for private scholarships. It's hard work but someone's gotta do it.

Tiny Texas Houses

I found this site through another blog (thanks Christine) and I am in serious love. Love at first sight sorta love.

I want our own street.

The boys get their own house.

The girls get their own house.

Bradley and I get our own house.

Ours is the largest and is connected to the girls. It holds the den, kitchen, and dining area.

Our studio would look something like this.......

....and we would have our own sanctuary where all our favorite pastors would take turns preaching from the Word of God.

Nana and Papa would live near us on an adjoining piece of property.

I can also think of a few families who might like to relocate ;)

I'm dead serious.

Aug 28, 2009

So the Academic Advisor down at the college became super nice directly after she had a copy of our Affidavit to Home School Mcabe in her hand. Nicer than nice. Sugar sweet. A marked difference. What's up with that????????????????

I was nice back.

Bria got permission to "pass out" of his Sound Design class.

He came to us frustrated and convinced that it was more or less a waste of time & energy to go through the motions of re-ingesting all that has already been ingested in this area of study. He's been at Brad's side all these years...living in a sort of learning by osmosis apprenticeship. He was confident that he knew "if not everything"...well then "at least almost everything"...on the syllabus. He wants to work alongside a group of upper class men...who he's been crewing with for the past year. He's ready to go and feels "held back."

We talked about him being correct in not wanting to waste time...energy and money. About our pride in his initiative and drive...in his leadership qualities.

But we also had to talk about his arrogance. And his cocky attitude.

Missed bulls eye = sin.

Seeing the error of his ways, yet remaining confident in his desires and goals...Bria ...not wanting to communicate disrespect....humbly asked his professor that if he could show that he already had a solid grasp of the material...would it be at all possible to move ahead...skipping this prerequisite course?

She said "yes"...because after having seen his project from last semester she is confident that he is....in fact...able to execute all that will be covered in the syllabus without attending the class.

Yeah!!!!!! He gets to be with the crew of his choice working on projects he is excited about...learned a lesson in humility and strengthened his people skills....all in the same week.

All this to say....none of what we teach them from textbooks at home is worth half as much as the knowledge that they know where they come from...that they know where they would like to go in this world...that they know when they are in the right and when they are in the wrong...and that they know how to communicate their stories along their journeys.


On another note...Bria had a chat w/a classmate today about "religion." She is not into the rules and regulations of "religion."

Bria isn't either. He told her he believed the Bible to be God's Word.

Talk turned to tattoos.

I guess he used his Jesus tattoo design to witness to her.

Oh, I pray for protection, provision, wisdom, discernment, and strength for our boys. That they would have compassion. That they would receive and extend grace from and to others. That their walks would deepen as they live out their faith obediently.


Home-Education...unless the Lord builds the house...it's all vanity.

The Lord is so faithful because as parents....we have failed in so many areas. Every which way you turn...one would be able to find a mis-step...a false start...a flub or a wipe-out.

He really does fill in the gaps and restore the years eaten by the locusts.

May we continue to acknowledge Him as our strength when we are weak.

In other words....every single minute of every single hour of every single day of every singel week of every single month of every single year of every single decade.

Aug 27, 2009

It never ever ever gets old...welcoming home a child.

Aug 26, 2009

Cedars of Lebanon

Movement. Lots of movement. Which coincides btw...with some piercing Biblical truths slicing open our hearts and having their way with us.

We covet your prayers on behalf of this passion project.

So Mcabe is now a college man too. We prayed before he left for his journey on that big ole' campus filled with all sorts of big kids and big adults. We prayed that the Lord would give him peace. That he would walk in wisdom... and confidently in his God given talents and abilities. That he would be humble and willing to learn.

His professor...in an attempt to break the ice... asked everyone to name two things they would want with them if stranded on a deserted island.

Mcabe's response...my drum kit and my Bible.

The professor's response.

"Cool! I'm a Jesus Freak too."

I have to be honest. After Mcabe left yesterday morning....I had a moment of anxiety which I communicated to Bradley. Our son is a reeeeeaaaaaaly super cute 15 year old. I had visions of us unknowingly handing him over to some creepy pedophile.

Just in case this "Jesus Freak" was simply a "freak"...Brad checked him out. It seems he actually is a well respected long time professional in the community...and also a believer...with links from his website to many of the folks we link to....Spurgeon...Hannegraff etc.

Oh, Lord...thank you.

After the days dust settled...it hit me.

Our son made public on his first day of class...in a room full of strangers...the fact that he is a Christ follower.

A fact.....me of little faith....would not have predicted.

You know how we as parents....lie awake at night...staring at the walls...wondering if we are self deceived about the salvation claims of our children...tossing and turning...wrestling with the Lord over the depth of (or very existence of) our kids' walks?

The Lord gave me a little gift.

Be still my heart.


On another note:

For the first time ever I experienced a bit of tension/resistance? when registering a child for classes. Granted this is only the second student I'm dealing with...but the first registration was met by no resistance whatsoever. Eyebrows were raised slightly upon learning Mcabe's age...and the fact that he is home-educated. It felt as if we were being examined...a bit. Just a bit...but yeah....I sensed it.

Is he really our kid?

Has he really been/is being educated?

These things were not said out loud...but I heard them loud and clear?????????? It was strange.

Even though the course he is taking to get his feet wet this first semester requires no math or language prerequisite...the Academic Advisor still asked to see his entrance exam test scores. Good thing he did well...that's all I can say.

And it seems, I need to now ease the mind of our Academic Advisor by showing up with a copy of our Affidavit to Home school.

Apparently my AFHE membership card would not do the trick...although I gave it my best shot. And she didn't really care that our other kid was not asked to provide an Affidavit when he registered a short two years ago (same advisor btw.) Nope. Gotta search through all that official looking stuff stuffed in the back of our closet at home and drive down there again...get out of my car....walk through the desert heat with all the other kids....wait for a walk-in appointment....get back on another line....etc.....

All that to say....get your Affidavits from the state.
Simply google it.

Homeschool Legal Defense Fund

It's amazing how walking in confidence & humbleness.... in our God given roles, responsibilities, & authority as parents...seems to somehow offend some on a deep level.

Work the system...do not allow it to work you.

Aug 25, 2009

Englewood NJ Gives Moammar Gadhafi Cold Shoulder

Englewood NJ Gives Moammar Gadhafi Cold Shoulder

I have a perfect idea....why doesn't Obama let him stay at the White House? In the Lincoln Bedroom maybe? Or better yet....upstairs in the private quarters right next to Malia and Sasha.I mean how easy would it be to have him commute from DC to NYC via Airforce One?It's a win win.

Aug 24, 2009

Post a link to your "school" room in the comments. This is ours. Notice the scattered books on the table?

It also serves as the kitchen and den.

If you are considering home-educating but think you need a special room to do so....you do not.

Aug 23, 2009


I would lose my mind w/out my friends.

If you placed me in a room with a lint filled carpet and a broken vacuum...Mariah Carey songs being piped in on a loop...surrounded by cats....that would be my life without friends. Seriously unbearable.

Aug 21, 2009

Keane Malachi

Click here for an update on this sweet sweet story! He's here!

Aug 17, 2009

Code Blue

Too young to be WWII vets...older than Vietnam vets....most likely Korean War veterans? All I know is that they arrived downtown in a group to hear what Obama had to say to them.

Here's what one of them turned to the kids and I and said as Obama supporters travelled en masse across Washington Street..."Buttholes."

Aug 15, 2009

Especially for Glenn:)

These are images from my "on set high school." We had a ball running around on the Universal Studios back lot. I have nothing but fond memories of those kookie 80's.

Especially fond...are my memories of Glenn. Most of all...I remember his smile and his infectious laugh. A little bit...his skinny ties and big hair too :)

Guess who I got to see tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just for an extra special laugh...PAUSE my Music Player first and jump to 3:31.

Jump to 4:45

So yesterday....I go over to my girlfriend, Lisa's house and start complaining about my MATH DAY FROM HELL...all the while knowing that I'm being convicted to go deeper rather than run away or bury my head in the sand....because the fact that we even had a m.d.f.h....most likely/definitely means that our family has some character issues that need addressing...and that MATH is not really the core problem at all.

She gives me an article to read.


Yeah, she's the friend you will read about over there on the right side of my blog...in the "home-education" section...who asked if I was doing this home-education thing in my own strength all those years ago. The one who challenged the "take it one year at a time" mentality I had fallen into at the high school panic mode freak out fear based juncture.

Every home-educating Mom needs a friend like her.

I might even be that friend to you. It's my own convictions I sometimes have trouble walking in...it's my own "wise" advice I sometimes have trouble following.

All this to say....read the article. It's fabulous and reiterates everything I know to be true but on occasion would like very much to deny. If not deny...then at least ignore for a little while until it goes away.....which it never does.

Aug 14, 2009

Okay...so I think I am being convicted of something. I've got this nagging feeling...nagging sounds negative...it's more like a check in my spirit...a red flag that keeps pooping up. It won't go away and circumstances are pushing me into a corner.

I believe I am still in the "Math" box.

That's a lie.

I know I am.

Touchy subject. Touchy subject. Touchy subject.


Because I do not have a natural affinity for Math.

Because I do not enjoy teaching or doing Math.

Because...in this home....Math brings with it stress. MUCH stress.

Last year we paid a tutor to teach the girls Math. It was great. Write the check. File away the grades she handed out. Never look back.

Really though....the girls are still at a level that I can handle.

The question is: Do I want to handle it?

And the question that follows that question...When we get to a point that I cannot handle...am I desiring to further my own education and learn alongside my kids?

The honest answer to both: No.

The new questions are...but, should I be handling it? Should I be desiring it?

Ummmmmmmmmm......that's where the conviction is coming in.

Darn it...I think so.

And double darn it...unless something changes...I think this might be boiling down to an issue of trust and obedience...on my end.

Aug 13, 2009

Informative Article
John...from US Auto Weapons, Scottsdale...was more than willing and very gracious to spend the afternoon...in part...instructing the boys and modeling responsible gun ownership.

Aug 12, 2009


It is slowly dawning on me that most of the local schools are back in session already. We spent the afternoon at the library...and yeah....the school across the street was back to business as usual. It feels extremely early for this girl who grew up back east...where things like this did not happen until sometime in September.

I guess it's time to "gear up" for the new academic year. Not easy to do in this heat...and especially after such an enjoyable and utterly relaxing summer break.

Had a co-op meeting last nite which knocked my socks off! I am so encouraged to be involved w/this group of selfless families (moms especially at this moment because they are on the front lines)...who are choosing to steward their gifts/abilities/talents/bents in such ways as to not only bless their own children ...but others' children as well.

This year our family will have 4 kids in co-op @ $15/mos...TOTAL....which covers the cost of the space. Moms are sharing the load...teaching all classes.

Mcabe, Galilee, and Jemima:

Institute For Excellence In Writing
Art History


Character First

I am very excited about the upcoming year and feel blessed by my friends. Also, honored to be teaching their children alongside my own.

It is not something that is taken for granted. It is something I appreciate and acknowledge as a gift.

Many countries do not share our freedoms.

Many states w/in our own country do not share our freedoms.

If our nation continues on the trajectory it seems to be on....we may potentially lose some of these freedoms...or get a little banged up trying to hold onto them.


Aside from co-op...Galilee & Jemima will do Math. Zion will join them for Dance. Sometime soon...I must get her really Reading...w/Phonics lessons and all.

Mcabe will do Chemistry...as well as College Math...Photography...and maaaaaaybe Sign Language.

Then, there's the stuff we always want to do...but find hard to fit in...like Spelling...Grammar....etc. We are on our own for History this year. My plan is to read lots of historical novels and have the kids make their own timeline.


Bria is off on his own doing the full time college thing....Film Track.

All this for $4.75! Shop your local library shelves.

Aug 8, 2009

Layton Howerton

PAUSE my Music Player first.

Years and years ago...I was vaccuming my bedroom when I felt the urge to phone Layton Howerton...a musician whom I did not know personally. Somehow, I managed to track him down and he actually got on the phone w/me. I told him how much his music meant to me and how much it spoke to a certain person in my life who was battling w/the Lord. He offered to visit this person....and did.

It meant the world to me.

I love this man who did a very loving thing for a complete stranger and the person she cares so much about.

I love his music.

I love his heart.

Aug 7, 2009

Bradley has been meeting.... pretty much weekly.... w/Geno since 1997....for fellowship and to pray.

Tonight we gathered to celebrate his 80th Birthday and to acknowledge his "official" retirement. No longer will he be the janitor at church.

Geno has made a very big difference in the life of my husband.

A night of hymn singing was the perfect way to honor this man of God.

The boys and their friends went and built themselves a genuine poker table. We're so proud.

Wood Working/Home Ec./Interior Design credit.

Judging by the headbands...I think I could even get away w/throwing a Fashion Design credit their way.

Aug 6, 2009

There is an area in Central Park where a handful of interesting people go to release their stress...get their groove on...mingle w/others who are like-minded.

It's a roller disco...straight out of the late 70's. Time warp.

Weirdly strange..

Click on my photography blog if you want to see a sweet moment captured in time.

Aug 5, 2009

We had such a wonderful vacation. I cannot put into words how much this time away was needed.

I am grateful. I am inspired.