Jul 30, 2013

He's Got This

As I'm sitting here on a Tuesday night...with the California wind blowing through the window of our little rented cottage...I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of the Lord's presence.  So much so...that I am fighting to hold back tears.   Cuz He is so close.

Bradley is going through headshot choices in the other room.

Braverijah is on the road for the last leg of a 2 month long work trip.  He's due home soon...then off to Brazil in a few weeks.

Mcabe is out with friends...after an audition.  I just love his friends.  Such a cute one is staying w/us right now during a brief break in his tour schedule.

Galilee and Jemima are already at work on "next year's" academics.  Their visit to the orthodontist went well...and they are planning on attending a Dr. Who Marathon w/some kids from the high school group at a neighborhood church in a few days.

Zion is relaxing with a friend.  They go from working on their combined Scrapbook to lining up wardrobe options for a vintage inspired photo session they are planning.  A whole bunch of hats were pulled out and tried on a bit ago.

My day was similar to others.  Nothing particularly special happened.  Nothing out of the ordinary.   I was loved on by my sisters in Christ during our weekly time of Bible Study.  Hopefully they felt loved by me.  I puttered around doing the duties of a housewife and mother.  I worked on my little side business....evangeline cottage.  I shot Brad before the sun set...hence him making headshot choices in the other room.  I'm writing and re-writing in my head.  I have one story that is working it's way onto paper....so depending on how the night goes...

...maybe I'll open up Final Draft and get some story-telling in before bed.

If not...maybe tomorrow.

I think what I am trying to say is...The Lord really means it when He says "Be still and know that I AM GOD."

He's got this.

Jul 25, 2013


You might remember Zion's friend, Aubrey from a previous post

I am so proud of the hard work both girls have put into their relationship.  For whatever reasons...there's been ebbs and flows...episodes fluctuating between rocky & smooth times...a few ups and a few downs.  They have navigated stumbling blocks and are learning how to communicate...especially how to listen to and hear one another. 

They are learning to love in an other-centered manner.

It's really sweet to watch.  

They are teaching me much.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."  C.S. Lewis 

Jul 23, 2013

Death and the Civil War

Another fascinating documentary.  This time...Death and the Civil War is the subject matter.

So incredibly interesting.  And terribly moving.

I really think anybody who has an interest in American History would benefit.  

For sure... all who have a soft spot for the Civil War should see it.  

It's very good Worldview conversation starter.

I'm reminded of  a post  I wrote years ago.

Kings of Leon

Brad and I watched a fascinating documentary on Mcabe's recommendation.

How these precious boys made it out of their crazy charismatic backgrounds with any sort of authentic faith in tact...I swear I do not know.

Yes,  I do.

Whatever kernels are there...it's in spite of the stumbling blocks and most assuredly of the Lord.

One thing's for certain.  I am praying for the boys of Kings of Leon from here on out.

Theology...it matters.

This got me to thinking about an upcoming conference Strange Fire....over at Grace Community Church.

And just now...I remembered Katy Perry's documentary...Part of Me.  She too grew up in the Pentecostal church.  Poor thing.  Praying like crazy for her as well.

Jul 22, 2013

Jehova Jireh

Let me tell you how He is the Lord our provider.

Due to cutbacks at work...Bradley finds himself without a weekly paycheck.  Again.

Been there done that...totally trust the Lord in this.

No worries.

Except for.....health insurance.  Specifically the lack of it.  For our family of seven.

That's been a bit of a concern.

Just now...out of the clear blue sky....Brad gets a call from our family physician.

He tells Brad that he's looking through his books and sees that Mcabe is due for a check-up.

Brad proceeds to tell him the news of the job loss..... which led to the loss of insurance...which leads to the restless nights....and he proceeds to tell Brad not to worry about a thing.

He is our family physician and he will remain so...whether we have insurance or not.

If we have any trouble...we are to call him directly and he will see us whenever needed at a 50% DISCOUNT.

This is the same man that prayed with me last year when I was having all my weird facial/jaw pain/generalized yeast infection drama.

He offers unsolicited Godly advice & prayer.

Welcomed & appreciated Godly advise & prayer.

Jehova Jireh!!!!!

Obama Care can take a flying hike... as far as we or our Dr. are concerned.

Now, if only the Lord would provide some acting work.

According to His perfect will and perfect timing.


Yesterday during the sermon, one of our pastors relayed a story of a significant life event which caused he and his wife to dig deeply into their theology.

The event was a miscarriage.  Sadly, they had lost their first child.  

I cannot hear about the loss of a child without tears welling up.  It hits so close to home.

Bradley and I have mourned the loss of 5 children to miscarriage.  Each child was so wanted and planned for and wanted!!!!! and so rejoiced over while we had them with us.

I know I've blogged about it before...but healing is a process...and it takes time...and sometimes triggers arise.  And sometimes memories flood in.

I was telling a friend about an experience I had while going in for a female exam...an ultrasound.  During the procedure...it was just the technician and I.  Alone in a room...with an ultrasound machine.  She didn't talk much.  What's there to say?  It's not like she can give out any info.  You have to wait to hear from your doctor...a few days later...to either hear that you have some sort of horrible life threatening tumor growing inside of your uterus or on your ovaries...or not.

Well, as I laid there....reclined on the table...being poked and prodded...I began to feel weepy.  Tears began to well up and before I knew it...they spilled out.

The technician asked if she were hurting me.  "No,"  I reassured her.  "I'm fine."

I bit the inside of my cheek.  But it was no use.  Before long...I began to verbalize what was going on inside of my heart.  I shared my battle scars.

"It's just that...seeing my empty uterus on the screen like that....empty.... reminds me of sad places."  The technician turned the screen away from my line of vision.

"I've lost children.  Five children to miscarriage.  I'm sorry for crying...this has taken me by surprise."

As clinical as technicians are trained to be...I saw a softening and a compassion in her.  She thanked me for explaining and told me she had never even considered a situation such as mine while doing a routine ultrasound on a knowingly non-pregnant woman.

Today...an article popped up on my fb wall and it prompted this post.

I would like to say to all the post abortive women out there in the world...I grieve your loss.  I know that you know that you have suffered a loss...even if the world tells you that you have not.

When the culture around you labels a baby...a clump of cells...they are not being truthful.  They are denying that there is a legitimate loss of life when a pregnancy ends.

This message is repeated over and over and it's false.

It is not compassionate.

And it is not loving.

Jul 18, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

We have family members who experienced a very frightening "at home invasion"...in a high end suburb...in an exclusive community...behind a guard gate.

Our car was broken into under the cover of night...on our driveway...behind Troon Mountain...in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There's been a recent increase in the number of "incidents" in our North Hollywood neighborhood.  Security cameras & security systems are being installed by concerned & involved citizens.  So is motion detector lighting.  Community meetings with the police are taking place at coffee shops...and very intentional walks up and down streets are taking place with city officials...deciding if & where streetlights need to be placed.

We have a Neighborhood Watch sign posted in front of our house.  It's been there since the day we moved in.

I'd say folks in our little pocket in the big city live cautiously...with as much optimism & freedom that living anywhere  in today's day and age allows.

One thing's for sure.  Any man of any age walking around these parts in a hoodie on a rainy night...would get my attention.  I'd inquire.  I'd call the police.

I'm pretty sure I would not get out of my car if I were in one.  Even if I were a man.  But I don't know....if he weren't in sight anymore....idk...I might.

And if he came around again...and threw a punch and then got me to the ground and began to pound...and I had a firearm on me.  You can bet your sweet ass...I'd shoot him in the chest if I had the chance.

I don't care if he was black, white, brown, yellow, or purple.

Makes no difference to me...as long as he wasn't breathing anymore.

With that said...it is very sad and tragic that Trayvon lost his life.  And that Zimmerman lost his freedom and sense of security.

Jul 3, 2013

Mischa ...the very wise repair man

Meet Mischa  from the former USSR.

He feels gratitude towards Ronald Reagan.  He came to the states when Bush 41 was in office.  He dislikes Obama.

As soon as I heard that...I yelled for Jemima.  She joined us by the dryer as this sweet man with a thick accent talked and talked and talked while replacing the machine's gas coils.

His bottom line...Obama is a socialist.  He was elected because of his skin color and now people are starting to wake up.

Before he left...Mischa asked if I'd be willing to see a photo of his grandson.  "Of course,"  I answered..."I would love to."

The next few minutes were spent going through a dozen or so images.  Mischa's grandson is going to be 1 on July 9th...and "he is an AMERICAN!!!!!"

What a fun distraction from the crappy broken down dryer that set us back $150 bucks.

Jul 2, 2013

Christians & Politics

As Christians...we know that peace will not be ushered in through politics.  We know that the Messiah's message is not a political one...but one that will affect the politics of individuals.

When individuals or groups place too much emphasis on politics...thinking wrongly that political outcomes hold the magical keys to unlock healing....well,   they are just plain old off track and barking up the wrong tree.

The state of political affairs reveals to us the state of hearts.  

On a side note...Christians who are not politically aware...should become politically aware.  Or they should never ever ever get involved in political discussions of any sort or share an opinion on any political matter.

And... it makes me laugh out loud when Christians (especially home-educating Christians) remain silent on" political issues" because they think they are being so Godly by doing so...while at the same time... spend lots and lots of $$$$$ filling their home libraries with books & various curriculums that celebrate (especially American) history & our founding fathers/politicians.  And then..they go and spend all sorts of time teaching from these resources.

Confused much?  Double-minded?  Fear of man?

Jul 1, 2013

Evangeline Cottage / Film Lovers

If you know our family on any sort of intimate level for any amount of extended time...you know that we love all things film & television.  We love character development.  We love how stories unfold.  We love actors and actors' choices.

We love watching movies together...usually in the living room (theaters are so expensive!!!!)  gathered together...diving in to various worlds and suspending belief until the credits roll.  The Lord has used film & television to strengthen our familial relationships...to bring us together.

And we often relate things back to film/t.v.  We use the mediums as springboards to discussions as well.

Some people speak "Sports."  Others speak "Music or Literature or Academia...."  It's safe to say Bradley and I speak the language of film/television.  And our kids do too.

I've probably blogged about it before...but who knows where and when?  I have so many posts tagged under "film."


I feel led to & enjoy encouraging filmmakers & film lovers.

The Lord has placed so many of them in our circle of friends.

This image would be perfect hanging up on a living room wall or above the bed of an artist w/dreams....blown up on either rolled or stretched canvas.

Or if an individual was blessed enough to have their very own SCREENING ROOM already....oh....SO GOOD!!!!!!

* inquire for size options & pricing