Mar 29, 2011

Elijah Stone

Remember this?

Well.......say "hello" to Elijah Stone.

Weeping while doing the Happy Dance.

Mar 28, 2011

Sesame Salmon

Nothing fancy. Costco frozen....w/baby asparagus....which btw ladies....is great for bloating.


Painting things black over here.

Lisa, look at the difference in the magazine rack you passed on to me......it's a toilet paper holder now! A NEW creation!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 26, 2011

"Christian Psychology"

So Jeni and I just might have the same brain. Just about every time she blogs about something over on her blog...I say to myself, "EXACTLY!"

So here I am sharing her thoughts on John MacArthur's thoughts on "Christian Psychology" cuz I share the same thoughts.

Mar 25, 2011

More Glamour Kills

A new set of images are up.

I always knew Mcabe was cute...but I didn't realize HOW cute until recently :)

Mar 20, 2011


Joy. Pure joy. Joyous. Joyeux.

Vintage Folding Chairs

I want some vintage folding chairs like these...but I don't want to pay $115/each for them. Anybody have any connections they can hook me up with?

The Bungalow ones are imported from India. My google searches are turning up कुछ नहीं

Bryan Sheffield...Bikinis & Tsunamis

Bryan Sheffield is featuring our skinny red head over on his site. In a bathing suit nonetheless.

This new post reminded me of an old post of mine.

Weird side note...the mention of a tsunami...especially since the ongoing heartbreak in Japan.

Mar 17, 2011

Glamour Kills

Take a look at Mcabe Justus in the LOOK BOOK.

Mar 16, 2011

Tug of War

Jeni's post this week is so spot on. Thought I'd share.

Too tired right now to discuss what "callings" I set aside to be a mother to my children/blessings.
I will though...soon.

My heart really went out to this woman as I watched her Today show interview. So blinded. So deluded. So convinced.

Don't hate me cuz this sounds judgmental.

Mar 8, 2011

JJ Heller Control

One of my favorite moments during the recent Control video shoot was when I realized exactly how exhausted JJ....a mother of a toddler w/another on the way was. It was late into the evening.

Bradley...being the perceptive man he is....rose to the occasion. He started in with an accent and jokes...lightening the mood & raising energy levels. Perfect timing...for the performance footage.

A director's wisdom.

A song about giving up control.

If we do not...He will certainly take it from us....rest assured.

Mirror Mirror

Do you have kids who have gotten drunk, worshipped themselves, worshipped others, lied, cheated, stole (or is it stolen?)...been puffed up w/pride, been lazy sluggards, smoked cigarettes or pot, gossiped, pushed away, walked around like white-washed tombs or peacocks, ignored, spit in the face of, or scoffed?

Us too.

It's like a mirror.

Sometimes I hate mirrors.

Show Me the $$$$$$$

And here we go.

Please keep Mcabe in your prayers as his face is plastered here & there.

The Lord is so wise. You wanna know how I know?

He either caused or allowed a big honkin' zit to pop out right in the middle of this stunning boy's forehead this very week.

Mar 7, 2011


So this week I arrived at a friend's home to find that she had cooked us a meal. Out of the blue. No reason other than that we are loved.

Also this week, we received in the mail an original work of art by Steve Hickok. He wanted to bless us. To encourage us us as artists. The Lord wanted him to send Cessation to us so he did. That's all.

What friends we have!


Braverijah and Mcabe are busy working on Harry, written by Tucker Reynolds.

They leave early in the morning. They come home late at night.

I'm confident that it's an education that they are getting in between and amongst their dreams.

Mar 1, 2011

Music Video

So there is this super talented songwriting couple who asked us to help produce their newest music video. It was fun coming up with a concept for the storyline and collaborating with them as we worked out the details. I love how organic the artistic process is. Bradley had a great time directing....

.... and as far as I am concerned..... it was EXHAUSTING serving as writer, producer, wardrobe girl...casting director...and first AD...but lots of fun.

(Glad it's not a full time gig.)

Now Brad gets to edit...which is a whole other art in itself.

John Moessner, the cinematographer was awesome and we're hoping to work with him again.

Low budget...so lots of people donated their time and talents.

We are thankful to those who came out and pulled together to support us.

Check my JJ smugmug gallery for a glimpse behind the scenes.

Also, here.