Feb 27, 2008

Zion hops out of bed and heads downstairs..... when from the landing..... I hear in the sweetest voice possible...."God, what did you do? You are soooooo funny."

It seems He decided to allow the moon to hang around for a few extra hours this morning.

I love that:

1. She knows God placed the moon in the sky.
2. She knows He presides over it.
3. She talks with Him.

Feb 25, 2008

A "head's up," moms. Galilee is posting about a sensitive subject matter on her blog. It may open up some discussions in your homes. I know it has here.

Please pray for her little heart and Jemima's as well...as they process the gift the Lord has given them through birthmothers who chose life. Oh, may life's harsh reality be a stepping stone closer to His extended arms and loving, eternal embrace.

Feb 24, 2008

When I ponder the relationships the Lord has provided...I obviously desire to dig in deeper with the ones that spur me on to Godliness. The difficult ones.....I usually try to dig in. Try again....and maybe even again. Then, if things remain difficult and drag me down....I kick, scream, cry, carry on a bit....and eventually wind up alright with the notion of brushing the dust from my feet and moving on. I consider that the intended purposes for these relationships might not be what I had originally thought...but always hold out hope that the Lord will work in these situations and either grow new sprouts from deep, long forgotten roots or ....plant brand new seeds.....which eventually take hold.

It's difficult for me to teach this lesson to my children....... without my feeling hurt..... for their growing pains in this area. How do you tell a daughter that.... for the time being .....she needs to stop trying with that certain someone? How do you explain that she's continually coming up against a stone-walled heart? That she is fine in this situation and can do no more to change it. That it's the Lord who must do the breaking through. How do you help her to see that her value is not found in that empty, barren place? That if she continues in this way....maybe this relationship is an idol of hers?

I teach her by example. She knows the relationships in my life that "push my buttons" and the ones that break my heart. I'm truthful about my struggles and she knows who I turn to for help in navigating the storms.

Good Sunday morning, friends.

Feb 22, 2008

This week has brought with it...12 loooooooooong, ugly hours of Mom in the flesh w/ help from sisters who snapped her out of it...

....Jemima testing positive for Strep w/ opportunities for tender loving care, deeper connection, and bonding...

....encouragement for our dreams w/ ... dreams upon dreams blossoming...

....a daughter who stepped aside... selflessly putting her needs on hold in order to meet another's (finally external evidence of internal growth) and....

....and a son who honored rules set by parents other than his own.

Ummmmm.....I wonder where Jemima got the inspiration for these beautiful braids?

Science Experiment / Speed and Acceleration....Match Box Car, Long Board, Stop Watch

Music / Smack in the middle of my living room

Feb 20, 2008

Evangeline Cottage

Feb 18, 2008

Both deal w/ ADOPTION.

Two FANTASTIC films!

I am so grateful that I have children who anticipate the arrival of their grandparents with such heartfelt and honest emotion. All this for twice weekly simple croc pot suppers or "restaurant" meals.... interspersed with handfuls of unannounced stop by's ... and spur of the moment sleep-overs. It would be so sad to be seperated by distance.

I told the girls to "go do something productive" and here's what they came up with:
Galilee started a new blog...in her words..."my creative space."

Jemima and Zion created a lesson plan around OWLS.

Evangeline Cottage

I've been super busy filling a custom order. The buyer is viewing pix here....so I guess everyone else gets to too :)





angel fire




Feb 16, 2008

Evangeline Cottage

I love rainy, creative days. The kinds where you stay in your pj's and cook three meals at home.


I love when they think "outside the box."

Mcabe catches the rain.

Feb 15, 2008