Jul 27, 2012

After The Dust Settles

I hear Az. had a huge storm.  Record breaking.  Apparently news worthy stuff.

Missed it.  I'm oblivious over here in Lala land.  Dealing with a storm of my own.

What a week.  Super emotional.  Super much growth.  A long time coming.

Still processing.  Waiting on the Lord.  Trusting.

I tend to retreat...when stuff like this happens.  It takes me a while.  When it's deep stuff.  Hence, the silence.

Aside from that....Dad and Mom/Papa and Nana came for a stay.  It was great.  So great.

Also...sweet new friends for the girls.  So lovely.

These flowers meant so much to me.

As did these...

And for the first time since re-locating...we paid a visit to our beloved garment district aka Maple.

Friends, YOU MUST VISIT so we can take you shopping downtown.  Not only are the deals amazing but there is now a vendor selling these amazing potatoes on a stick.  Deep fried for only a minute...so how bad can they actually be for you?  Salt and katsup included...only $1.50!

Originally Posted: July 6, 2011