Jan 20, 2015

Oceanside Week-End

Time with the Schoenbachs.....

and.....time with the Taylors.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.  Proverbs 17:17

Jan 16, 2015

Psalm 22:28

When your son signs a contract to travel to Europe right now and you are the sort of person who follows CURRENT EVENTS.

Then you remind yourself that He's got the whole world in HIS hands.  And you even say it out loud so that you can hear yourself saying it. 

Psalm 22:28 For the kingdom [is] the LORD'S: and he [is] the governor among the nations.

I would like to document here my overwhelming thankfulness towards and complete trust in the Lord.  

I traveled a lot as a kid...and young adult.  Europe...Asia...Australia...all over America...and it provided me a beautiful education and enriched my life in ways I have a hard time articulating.  Experiencing other cultures is fuel to my soul ...giving me flight and  something which grounds me at the same time.

As home-educators...my prayer early on was that our kids would be blessed with travel opportunities as I truly believe the Lord uses travel to open eyes and hearts.

He has answered that specific prayer for the boys with a "Yes."  

Braverijah is packing.