May 26, 2011


Shabby Chic NoHo

We have a new address. Move-in date June 15th. The homeowner is just as beautiful as can be. She is an actress w/ an Emmy. A believer and conservative in her politics. She's leaving the industry to teach English to kids overseas.

Why oh why did I ever struggle w/confusion, fear & doubt when The Lord had every detail taken care of all along?

My faith has been stretched. And strengthened.

The house we will be living in is so lovely. Brave and Mcabe have their own separate space on the property...w/a bathroom & a kitchenette. There's a white picket fence and even a great big tree in the yard.

You should see the smiles on the kids faces. Well, four of them are smiling. Sweet Zion is fighting back tears. This transition is a BIG deal for her little heart.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are now selling our vehicles and replacing them w/wiser choices for LA. Also...we need a renter for our home.

On another note...Brad heard from the old friend we bumped into at the Bob's Big Boy parking lot last week. He's the real deal.

Enormously blessed tonight.

May 24, 2011

Luke 9:58

Desert Ranch is a "no." Think Big Love.

The Cottage is a "no." Too tiny upon reflection.

Zen Garden is a "no." Accepted an applicant who was in line before us.

Burbank Skyline is a "no." Someone somewhere didn't like something I said on my blog. I suppose I was googled.

Meeting w/my parents tonight. Need some wise counsel.

Prayers would be appreciated as we are finishing up all that needs to be finished up here. Last minute details.

Class of 2011

He didn't want to wear a cap & gown and walk in tonight's ceremony. Rather than having a party...he's opting for the $cash$ instead. He's a smart kid. Talented and compassionate. Also passionate and loving. Discerning.....generous...humourous...a self starter and a team player.

Mcabe just signed a 3 year contract with Ford Models & Lord willing, will be signing w/a film & t.v. agent shortly. Also...if the creek don't rise....he'll be working...taking acting classes.... and... possibly some architecture ones too. He recently verbalized a desire to do so and he's always been really good w/design stuff...so.....why not?

Today he gets his driver's permit :)

Proud parents over here.

"The question is not, -- how much does the youth know? when he has finished his education -- but how much does he care? and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?"

Charlotte Mason

May 23, 2011

College Conspiracy

Jeni posted this documentary over on her blog. It's good. Makes you think. Worth the time.

And then...this morning...this article.

And yet again.....this one.

May 22, 2011

Brave & Carly

I'm a super proud Mom. Great acting chops. SUBTLE! WOW! Thank YOU, LORD...that I get a glimpse behind the scenes of my son's life.

side note *
We haven't done Halloween since 1997. At least I thought we haven't :)


One possible landlord has been consistent in her "perpetual silence."

One is all of the sudden "absent."

One is "neither here nor there." Answering e-mails but nothing other than that.

And one is "pursuing us." Hardcore.

In the a.m....Julie is going to check out a property...the hardcore one.... we have not yet seen in person. It's either gonna be the royal craig's list scam of the century or pure awesomeness.

Can you guess which is which?


It's not 100% easy packing everything you own w/out being able to tell the kids...especially Galilee, Jemima, and Zion....where it's all being moved to.

Brave and Mcabe....they couldn't care less. They are so gone and already wherever it is that we are going.

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe


The Desert Ranch is now in the mix. Got a call back from the owners who live in Montana. Super cute. Lots of cacti. Rose bushes too. Hard wood floors. Fireplace. Detached office...which means the boys could have their own space and we can have a guest room!!!!!!!!! Larger living area than the Skyline Burbank. Same street and same$ as Zen Garden.


So we have applications in at three properties.

The Cottage
in the mountains of Tarzana (S. of Ventura) is so special due to it's charm and the GORGEOUS piece of land it sits on. Small living space but doable. It's like a little fairyland. Zion's favorite. Actor landlord. Least $.

The Zen Garden
is great too. Equestrian area of Burbank. Near Disney & Griffith Park. Boys would have their own guest house out back...(w/out a bathroom...but they can come in the main house for that.) Actress landlord.

The Skyline Burbank
one by Warner Bros. is the first one we saw which we came back to...but still haven't gotten a response on. It's super cute...super clean. Smack in the center of Burbank. Most interior living space. Most $.

Bradley, Mcabe, and I are torn. We like all three very much for different reasons.

It seems like a tough decision...so we're taking my Dad's advice...which is to let it go now......not pursue one over the other and see what happens.

It's as if I keep falling into this forgetting that the Lord is intimately involved in the details of my life thing. I can be going along well...trusting and walking step by step...and then...suddenly I run smack into my own humanity. Wanting clarity and immediate answers. Lacking patience. Trying to control the situation. I'm such a fool.

What's wrong with me?

May 20, 2011

BGlp lgBP

We have literally scoured every corner of Los Angeles and all areas in between. It's all come down to one home...the first one we saw and have returned to after viewing approx. 30 others. The paper work has been delivered for review and now we wait to see if it is where we will be settling in. It seems we should have a back up choice before pulling out of town...but as of right now, we do not. It's as if the Lord is being very specific with us. This location...this size...this $. Trusting in His sovereignty today. Praying we would find favour in the home owner's eyes.

Also...our every morning breakfast is a Sam's Bagel. We were finishing up Wed. morning when Bradley said, "I just need someone to say...Bradley Gregg! Where the heck have you been?" We all chuckled at his nice little fantasy.

Not an hour later...he was standing in the Burbank Bob's Big Boy parking lot when he hears..."BRADLEY!!!!!!! BRADLEY GREGG Get over here! Where have you been?!?!?!?!" It was a dear actor friend of ours. Well known w/ the ability to follow thru on his offers. Immediately, he offered to help...to make some calls. He's a genuine man. I believe he will. It was so nice to catch up with him. Been married to the same wife we knew way back when for over twenty years now and they have two daughters.

Another old friend has helped in a mighty way & offered much encouragement. So humbled.

Yet another is working hard to find us a place and protect us in a lease.

An yet another...a new friend...is offering introductions where introductions are desired.

We are trusting that these are open doors and we are walking forward step by step.

Fear about the future does seep in every now and then...but we keep remembering...BIG God little problem. Little God BIG problem.

It hit me this morning that our kids are watching all of this very closely. Oh Lord, that you would use this time period to grow their individual faith walks in powerful and lasting ways. Lord, may their roots be digging deeper as they are being uprooted.

May 17, 2011

My Name is Dawn & I am a Mystic

We had a super chill ride after a disastrous and stress filled morning.

If you know my husband...you know that he is a mystic. That means he sees meaning in things others might miss. God's whispers if you will. All around. All the time.

I'm actually a bit of a mystic myself...but I don't own it with the passion that Bradley does. I'm sad to admit... it doesn't always sit well with my practical side.

All that to say....

Axl sang us in. AXL!!!!!!!!
4:30 on a week day..
Zero traffic.
Five free lanes.
Wide open.

Passing the skyline...singing at the top of our lungs..... "WHERE DO WE GO? WHERE DO WE GO O NOW? WHERE DO WE GO O O O O OH WHERE DO WE GO o NOW?

Another awesome little whisper....Damon called as we passed the Hollywood sign. Although we know that he is in a safe place and doing well...we have not heard from him in quite a while. Talked about him during the drive. So weird how we were thinking of him and he was thinking of us at the same exact time.


On a side note....ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants...Chan Dara. The chicken curry is TO DIE FOR.

On the way in....I fell like a clutz into a pothole/gross puddle thing getting out of the van. Cracked my cell phone screen...so I cannot send or receive texts. If you need to get a hold of me...call. Took three extra strength Tylenol and am now going to sleep in Marina Del Rey.

Wait...I wonder if me falling in a pothole means anything???????

May 15, 2011

Grace Community

Besides the fact that we are going to the City of Angels soonish...there is one more thing that we know. While there...we will attend Grace Community...that is....Lord willing and the creek don't rise :)

You do not have to live in the LA area to benefit from Pastor MacArthur's teachings though...you can actually find him on the radio. Of all places!

btw...the opposition to this pastor and his message is very real. It often comes from believers in the name of "concern"...veiled...yet not so subtle. More often than not ....it's private conversations that reveal the heart of criticism while public accolades abound. And usually...it's second hand info that's been passed on that has everyone so wound up.

Reminds me of the opposition facing pastors like John Politan and Voddie Baucham...among others.

Makes me want to vomit....the face to face handshakes whilst jabbing knives in the back.

I should know. Been there done that.

May 14, 2011

Beachwood Canyon?


These 3 HARDWORKING men have been here for 9 hours now...busting their cojones. I've offered to feed them multiple times. They keep denying me.

So we tipped them cerveza $.


We are convinced that a modest little free standing home w/a yard would be best. No one above or below. We are a family of 7 after all. I don't know what your arguments are like...but ours are doozies :)

If you are so led...please pray that we find a great place at a great price. Oh...and that the perfect renter wants to live in our Sonoran Desert home.

As I check e-mails & slip in a quick blog post from our very congested den area...3 super hardworking men (here 7 hours so far) are laying 22 square yards of industrial strength charcoal grey flooring...and....Jules & Liam are checking out a Beachwood Canyon place for us!

Things are progressing quickly. Not much else to do. A new kitchen sink and a new stove. Cleaning and sealing tile floors and counter tops. Small fix-ups here and there.

We made do over the years...a practice most can relate to...but our renters will have some really nice upgraded digs.

May 13, 2011

Education Article

GREAT article dealing w/ education.


We were hearing ..."Prepare."

Now we are hearing..."Move."

Notice pretty new tiled roof.

May 11, 2011

Bear w/ Me

It's either that I have schizophrenia or...my spiritual life has caught up with my emotional one (or has the emotional one caught up to the spiritual one?)......cuz...tonight I AM FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have spent a good part of the last some odd years begging the Lord to show us a sign of His goodness (in this one particular area...work/career) For open and closed doors. For clarity and for direction.

He has done JUST THAT!

btw... my mood may change again....so bear with me.

May 10, 2011

Synthetic CHRISTmas tree

Mcabe climbed to the top of the little rocks today and left a synthetic Christmas tree atop. He dragged poor Jemima with him and Lord only knows what our neighbors are now thinking. From down here...it looks as if something rather strange has appeared out of nowhere.

Sorta like the 2 believing couples at the end of the cul-de-sac who have never in their lives said "boo" to us.... who came out of the woodwork this week. Because of all the recent comings & goings....departing wall units...couches etc....they have caught on to the fact that we won't be around much longer.

It seems they've been watching us from afar. They know how many kids we have. They know who we worship.

Just never said "hi" before (or smiled for that matter.)


We could have been having BBQ's. What is wrong w/people?

Mother's Day

You can take the family out of BKLYN but you cannot take BKLYN out of the family. We glommed 3 large Pastsy Grimaldi's pizzas and 3 large salads. Might as well have given us straws so we could've inhaled.

I think we should plop here soonish, friends. Pack some lunches and plop.

Prayer Request

Zion's been acting out (clingy at times, aloof at times, HYPERsensitive) which lets us know how stressed she is right now. Last weekend, I took her to a Ladies Tea and today, Bradley took her to the library and for some Cold Stone. Pray for her heart, please. And for Galilee's &  Jemima's too...please.

The boys are STOKED!

Egg & Musroom Scramble w/ Avacado & Salsa Verde Fire Roasted Corn Tortillas

Mcabe Justus Gregg

Brave Gregg

May 9, 2011

White Knucklin' it

Just so you know family....this is in nowayshapeorform an easy process. The Lord is good so He's been preparing my heart but I'm telling you right now...I expect you to show up when called upon. If you abandon me just because I am living 6 hours away...I will be crushed and utterly disappointed in you. Not to mention pissed off.

And you should probably be prepared to do some future pursuing/intervention cuz my system is in shock and I do not know what I will be needing.

May 6, 2011

Bradley by Dave Heller

Recently, we had a lovely opportunity to co-produce w/ JJ & her husband, Dave.....their Control music video. Bradley had so much fun directing and in between set ups...Dave snapped away.

Emotional Roller Coaster

And more painting. Josh Clark is doing a FANTASTIC job! Brave and Mcabe...I have 2 things to say...

"It's about time."



The Kids Are Alright

I liked it. It was smart.

I would've had the affair between Jules & Paul revealed thru a pregnancy though. That would've added a whole other element the characters and audience would need to wrestle through.

side note: Mia Wasikowska is super special.

May 5, 2011

Ginger Fag

PAUSE my Music Player first.

Calm down. Don't freak out. Take a deep breath. Take a listen.
It's times like this when I ponder the whole pulling them out of AWANA thing.

Obviously, some will be offended. Try not to be.

Chillin Like a Homie by Ginger Fag

This kid is BRILLIANT! Always remember....you heard it here first.

Plan B

I was having a hard time letting this piece go....kept thinking to myself..."I should be finding some fabulous fabric and reupholstering this....."

....so that's my new plan. Thanks Anthropologie... for the inspiration.

Note to Friends

A heads up...friends. All you will be needing in LA is an air mattress or two. We will provide sheets and food.

May 1, 2011

Ted Hawkins

PAUSE my Music Player first.

Bradley and I were living together in sin...in Venice.

We had no idea that the guy was sharing the Gospel w/ us even though his CD was playing constantly in our Mitubishi Montero.

20 years later the Lord is using him to speak to us from the grave.

Today, I asked Bradley to find a place for us there...in Venice. Not my ideal. Not where I might choose. Yet...I asked him to pursue our options. There. In Venice. Once again.

Then, My Man showed me this video. I kept thinking we would show up barefoot in the background on the boardwalk.


Ted was awesome. Google him.


I'm not sure that the Lord has ever used a teacher to speak more clearly to our family than He did today. At each turn...I cried. Bradley cried. The girls gave knowing glances. The boys offered loving hugs. Tight...knowing loving hugs.

There is no way he could have known precisely about yesterday's stress filled panick attack moment. Or today's crushing e-mail response and shattered heart...yet both were addressed in detail....as if he were aware.

The Lord knows and He uses God fearing men to speak clearly into our lives. I am convinced of it.

I will never ever forget driving away from the chapel in our minivan and Brave saying, "That was amazing."

What an enormous blessing our teacher is to us. Our class is to us. Be still my heart that we would find such favour.

Then, an afternoon of rest.