May 28, 2007

New Title Holder

This picture just may prove that I have officially been kicked out of the "Coolest Mom in the World" spot.

May 26, 2007

I'll Fly Away

This is a somber Saturday evening for our family. Last night we received word that my parents dear friend of 35 years, Roy...has died. His passing was unexpected and sudden...a complete shock. As Brad and the boys drive Mom and Dad to the airport so that they can catch the red eye back East to be with Lori...I sit processing my thoughts..." Truthfully speaking...tonight's dinner at Patsy Grimaldi's could have been our last together. Who's to say?" Things like this happen all the time. River died in front of the Viper Room a few short hours after leaving us a phone message. Maureen died...less than a week after a nice visit...no hint of serious illness. Little Austin Moore...so so sudden.

None of us ever thought our dinner at Chin Chin's in L.A. ......what a month ago?......... would've been our last with Roy. We shared a meal...and some memories. We laughed. We snapped a few photos. We hugged "goodbye."

I am so completely humbled and forced to my knees in Holy fear of my King ...who has patiently allowed me a day to wrestle with His will...all the while never doing anything but loving me...by reaching out His tender hand...firmly gripping mine and guiding my shaky steps...ushering me into a place of deeper acceptance and understanding. Here's what He whispered to my heart...."Dawn, if tonight's pizza at Grimaldi's was your last meal together...you and those present (your parents, your husband, your sons and daughters) ...your parting would be temporary...it would be but a "so long. It is because I have saved you and them. And for those at the table who do not yet have a saving knowledge of Me...I love them and they are My responsibility. They are under My watchful eye and protection"

May 24, 2007

Botany and Other Lessons

Papa came up today with buckets and buckets of aloe vera and transplanted them into our front yard flower pots. He and Mcabe worked side by side and as a result...the front entrance to our home looks pretty darn good. I'm tickled for three reasons.
1. I was just browsing the nursery aisles of Lowe's and Target last week and I didn't really fancy spending $100+ bucks on plants.
2. Mcabe knows more about these particular plants than he did yesterday.
3. He not only learned a thing or two about breaking a sweat...but good stewardship as well.

May 21, 2007

Peanut and Bub

So these two cute kids have made a deal not to speak on the phone with one another unless they have first read from the Bible. I don't care if this deal only lasts one night...I think it's one of the sweetest things I have ever...ever heard.

May 19, 2007

The Gregg Girls

Inevitably...at least once or twice a month... we are out and about doing our thing...when a well intentioned stranger enters the picture with a question posed something like this..."They are sooooooooo cute. Are they yours?" "Yes, they are"...I respond...with a friendly smile...and usually the girls smile too...and then just because it's the way we do it...we make eye contact...my children and I. It's our touchstone moment when times may take a turn towards wacky. If something isn't blurted out immediately...a few seconds might pass...ones filled with uncertainty and trepidation on the stranger's part. "All of them. They are all yours?".... comes the challenge. I nod...knowing the questions only come from a place of curiosity...nowhere else. "Yep. They are all mine"...I smile again..."And thanks. They are cute, aren't they?" There's a brief moment of closer inspection...maybe followed by something similar to.... "But they don't look alike." At this time Jemima might be pointed at. "This one here looks kind of Asian." Jemima is so sweet and a servant who is always looking for ways to make others more comfortable. She usually smiles at these people....at least outwardly. "Oh, yeah" I nod....."Yeah she does"...then... "That's because she is Asian." The girls and I share more eye contact and then we either cordially squeeze past and go about our business excusing ourselves and wishing all a "good" day"...or sometimes, I add graciously..."Galilee was born in Russia... Jemima was born in Kazakhstan...and Zion was born in Arizona." Sometimes, it's the girls themselves who offer the details. Sometimes we just never-you-mind and keep on going. When we just never-you-mind and keep on going...Galilee usally wraps the whole experience up with an "Okaaaaayyyyyy then."

Mimer's Lemonade

4 lemons
8-12 spoons of sugar
1 1/2 quarts of water

First, cut the lemons in half. Second, squeeze the juice out of the lemons into a glass. Third, Pour the lemon juice into a jug. Next, add water, sugar. and ice. Then, stir and you have fresh lemonade!


So...co-op classes have ended for the year... our Apologia Botany text book is put away...and the kids decide that this "learning more about plants stuff" is really interesting after all and they'd like to grow a garden? Okay. A trip to Lowe's...a few packets of seeds...some soil and a countertop greenhouse later...and we've got an unexpected summer class in the works.

Pre-planning and organizational skills
Following directions
Daily care and maintenance
Harvest crop
Plan dinner party
Write out and send invitations
Plan recipes for artichokes...carrots...and brussel sprouts
Execute recipes
Plan floral arrangements for sunflowers
Execute arrangements
Write and send "thank you" notes to those who attend dinner party
Field Trip: Upcoming Wild Oats Tour

May 16, 2007

Luke 4:16-30

I've heard it said that a crisis of faith is nothing more than the death of an idol. The thing which the Lord chose to bury in my life this week can only be resurrected by Him. I wait...knowing He is Holy, good, merciful, sovereign, and just...and that only He is able to break the chains that bind.

May 12, 2007

Shadow Mountain

May 10, 2007


You are loved.

May 6, 2007

Summer Vacation

Jemima and Zion in the yard...working in their nature journals.

Galilee at a Mad Science field trip learning about electricity.

As "school" winds down for the majority of those around us...and we ourselves say "bye for now" to our co-op days...I can't help but get excited when planning all the fun things I'd like to do with the kids over the summer months. There's swimming and diving lessons, sewing and Latin dance classes, jewelry making, To Kill A Mockingbird to be read, as well as Hitty, My Brother Sam is Dead, The Bronze Bow, Kira Kira, and Rules. There's a trip to Karchner's (sp?) Caverns I'd like to hit and maybe even a few days in Rocky Point...where Zion and Dad want to build a sand castle and collect seashells. I'm thinking...maybe L.A....definately math... if not every day , well then every other day...drums, guitar...and lots of good films. Games and good times with friends...conversations over meals...maybe even ones prepared by the kids. We'll write about everything we do and see..we'll take pictures and draw pictures. We'll make memories and collect memories. Kinda sorta like all year long.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Logan's Christmas home was decorated prettily. Mrs. Logan fashioned her place with a beige curtain and a wooden, octagon-shaped table covered with a blue and white plaid tablecloth made by Big Ma. There's was a dazzling Christmas tree standing in the living room. The shanty brightened up by the light of the fireplace. Things were colorful and the Logans were very happy.

The scrummdiddlyumptious food sat on the wooden, octagon-shaped table. The smell of mashed potatoes and gravy ran through the entire house. Mama made turkey and ham. The Logan family enjoyed their Christmans and were really grateful.

*Scene Description by Galilee

Romans 16:20

Genesis 3:14-15

The Dinner Table

Move over Martha...here comes Jemima Bakytgul "Happy Flower" Gregg!