May 30, 2008

Beth Shalom....House of Peace

I have been given ten children to love as my own. Five, I hold in my arms. Five, I will one day. Each has taught me treasured lessons. I am far from the perfect mother and I have no special wisdom....only a growing desire to see intimacy nurtured between parents and their children. My Beth Shalom line of blankets is an idea born out of my many failures and more importantly, the Lord's all sufficient grace which continually covers them.

Here's what I wish I would've done sooner. Sat each of my children down when they were young and said, "It's quiet time. You are to rest quietly by me, right here on your blanket...at my side. It's the Lord's desire that we live together in a house of peace...so sit, Baby...for a while. Sit close to me...right here under my wing...and allow the Lord to provide protection and comfort through me." Gently, without frustration, tenderly, with love....I wish I would've said this to each of them from infancy. And in doing so....I would've hoped that their little hearts would be trained in stillness....trained in peace.

Handmade with the softest of chenille...interwoven with intercessory prayer....may each Beth Shalom blanket be a tiny instrument the Lord uses to prepare hearts for the peace which is found in His only begotten Son......Jeshua, the Messiah.

Psalm 131:2

approx. 20"x20"

Evangeline Cottage

I often wonder what my kids would do with their days if I gave them absolutely nothing to do. Obviously, the boys would take up chess.....

......and tear up the carpet in their room so they could eventually get around to staining the concrete....

.......Jemima would crochet......

....and read historical fiction.....

.......Mcabe would concoct a meal.....

......Galilee would sleep late.....

.....and dream of the coming Prince Caspian.....

....Bria would work on his script....

.....Zion would suddenly take in interest in oral health....

....and not one would clean up after themselves.

I think this is sorta what "unschooling" is all about. This style of
home-educating has always intriqued me while scaring me silly. It's so neat the way the Lord guides people differently.

May 27, 2008

Bria in Cali.

He read Robert Rodriguez's..... Rebel Without A Crew........ today. The entire book in one day! He has never, ever, ever done that....read an entire book in one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have visions of he, Mcabe, Grant, Eve, and Luke....taking Hollywood by storm 5-10 years from now.

May 26, 2008


More authenticity. Sad but so true.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to watch your husband remain faithful to the Lord while laying down his dreams. I am so blessed to be married to Bradley for he is a man after God's own heart.


Bradley has the coolest fans. They have stuck with him for over 20 years :)

hello Bradley!! i saw for another time class 1999! you rock man! what happened at your carrer?
peace and friendship.
masta in italy

Masta: You made us smile this morning.

Hey Bradley,
I'm one of your biggest fans, I'm a big movie lover and collector. Class of 1999 and Eye of the Storm are some of my all-time favorite movies. I just wanted you to know that. Please keep doing and writing movies, you're so talented and I would like to see you doing more movies. I think you're an awesome actor!!!

Your fan,
Rachel :)

Rachel: That's really encouraging. Thanks for the pep talk.
And this photo....I will include soley for the laugh factor. A little humor to brighten your day :)

May 25, 2008

Things That Have Worked

I am so encouraged to see how many parents are fighting for their children. Fighting for depth in relationships and fighting for discipleship. I'm posting a few things that have been brought to mind...which we've chosen...sometimes by instinct....sometimes by trial and error...which I believe have worked well.... so far....... with all 5 of our kids
Home-Education (w/ co-ops)

Pulling out of Sunday School (thru jr. high)

Multi generational corporate worship

co-sleeping (always in early childhood & off and on as desired)

co-bathing w/Mom (boys early childhood / girls indefinitely)

no baby sitters besides grandparents

close circle of friendships with lots of like-minded supervision and accountability

consistent , firm, loving discipline (not punishment....we continue to learn this the hard way)

lots of repentance

lots of forgiveness

It is obviously by the Lord's design that what makes sense for our family....these parenting techniques which feel correct for us....also make a world of difference in dealing with RAD stuff. Now there are many RAD specific tools we have used....but that's for another post.

I hope you have a blessed day of rest with your families.

May 24, 2008

Ummmmmmm....can anyone say "BIG FAT GIANT HAM?"

It was quite a relaxing day and I am reminded of a lesson which keeps popping up. The Lord orchestrates relationships and He is the initiator of intimacy. When I consider the Godly women He has put in my path....humble....transparent...seeking women...devoted....repentant....warrior women....I could just cry. I find such comfort and refreshment in truthful people who come my way. It's like He is whispering through them...."I am here."

May 23, 2008

May 21, 2008

More Hide & Seek.

May 20, 2008

Reactive Attachment Disorder

I have the most, adorable, precious, lovable, truthful, 12 year old daughter in the entire world. She consistently looks at her own sin and tries...though sometimes she fails....as we all do....to listen to what the Lord is communicating to her heart through the circumstances she finds herself in. She is raw. What you see is what you get.....and she is everyone's cheerleader and encourager. Two of the most amazing qualities Galilee has are that she is quick to forgive...amazingly so....and....she is able to laugh at herself. She really is one of my heroes.

And the Lord is faithful to answer our prayers. I have been praying that He would soften Mcabe's wounded and hard heart..... and lo and behold....this very morning I heard him calling for his sister to play a game of Hide & Seek.

The Herb Box in D.C. Ranch is fabulous. We had a lovely lunch with Nana.