Jun 30, 2007

Mcabe's 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 29, 2007

Creating Memories

Jun 27, 2007

As Close As We Will Ever Get To Pets

Off To Get A Learner's Permit

Jun 21, 2007

Happy First Day of Summer

Jun 18, 2007

Portraits by Mcabe

Thank you Lord, for his passion, ability, and eye. Please help us to nurture this bent you have placed within him so that You are glorified.

Suddenly L.A.

Just returned from an unexpected three night trip...triggered by a frightening scare for a family member. All is well. The Lord is so tremendously persistent and patient when deepening our roots. He does work all things together for good... for those who are called according to His purposes. I'm amazed to watch and participate in the unfolding of His plans. Although it wasn't exactly a "fun" visit...we did have some fun in the City of Angels.
Drive-by Memories.
Father's Day Flea Market/Fairfax & Melrose

Chilicheese fries at Carney's.
The spot where Brad proposed.
While the boys were out...the girls went SKINNY DIPPIN!!!!!!
Throwing some love cousin's way.


Jun 14, 2007

Mcabe's Afternoon

Jun 11, 2007

Fun Time With Cousins

Jun 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Zion Evangeline!

Jun 8, 2007

i want the whole world to know...

Well here I am…it’s a blog bust-in. First off, I will respect the fact that sometimes I am a little too melodramatic and often too poetic in my writing…so I will try not to go there. I won’t write about...blue leaves or holding hands while walking through SoHo in the rain. I will though…straightout write about how truly dear my wife is to me…and to the many others who are so blessed to have her in their lives. I am so inspired and grateful for Dawn. A blessed man am I! Hallelujah...You know what I mean? So anyway, it hit me…as she consistently posts on this thing here, always celebrating and honoring the kids and I…I had this thought…”what about her”? “What about Dawn”? Could I bust in to the blog and leave just a quick note to celebrate and honor my dear wife? You see an email came to my attention…an email Dawn received the other day. It was an encouraging glimpse. I witnessed one of those moments where God allows one to realize some fruit…a revealing of an outworking within His whole process…it was validation…a confirmation of ministry. You see, Dawn received this email that truly affirmed her efforts and it touched her heart. God gave her one of those moments. I witnessed her deep breath of relief…I saw her realize that she is doing some good and that it is all, oh so worth it. She was blessed with evidence…some peace in trusting…some peace in knowing that it is all going according to His mighty plan. I think God uses moments like these to inspire us and move us forward…motivation to press on. God is so good to us in this way…as He blesses us with these pats on the back. I just want to pat her on the back too. The email spoke of the gifts my wife has been blessed with, her talent, her parenting, her heart, her sharing, her style and excellence. And with a thankful heart the email also expressed that Dawn is indeed ministering. I want to echo these complements loudly and let my beautiful wife know that she blesses us all daily and that her efforts and example do not go unnoticed. She is mesmerizing. I know her legacy is grand. We just celebrated our 17th anniversary and I am still so honored to call her my bride. She is still that beautiful girl with the sparkling eyes, the one that I was so nervous to ask out for the first time…the one who’s upper lip quivers and puckers up when she cries (she looks so cute when that happens). The one…period! I want her to know that she is valued and that she is loved. I want her to feel safe and protected forever. I love you Dawn…and I want the whole world to know.

Your blessed husband and blogbuster…

Jun 5, 2007

Attention All Moms

Fry's @ Thompson Peak Pkway and Hayden
Bagels .50 (get them yourself in the bakery section and bring them over to the Tulley's counter...where they toast and butter them at no charge)
Choc. milk for the kids and a coffee for Mom. A beautiful sitting area w/ a leather couch. A no brainer.

Lifetime Fitness. One person joins and everyone else in the household comes in for free during the month of June. For us...this translates to "7 for the entry price of 1!!!!!!!!" No long term contracts....leave w/out penalty when you want. A rock climbing gym for the kids included in the membership. You can bring your own snacks if you want. Unlimited fountain soda refills by the pool. Towel service...hairdryers and almond lotion in the ladies lounge....steam room...sauna........(notice how I didn't mention stairmasters or treadmills?)

Harkins movie deal. 10 movies for $7. You missed the first two (Curious George & Charlotte's Web)....so now it would be 8 movies for $7. Super deal. My girls are loving it. We go Tuesdays........

Jun 4, 2007

Ephesians 6:10-20

Brad used a shovel to chop off the head of a snake trapped in one of our garage "critter traps" this week. The thing had no head and squirmed around for quite a while trying to bite him. No head...no real power to speak of...and still...in complete denial....it twisted and turned...trying to exert some form of control over the situation. Crazy. A perfect word picture for Bria and Mcabe. Satan bruised the heel of Christ (the cross). Christ was victorious and bruised his head (the resurrection)... and yet still...being the snake that he is...he squirms about trying to do damage. God's Word tells us that Satan is not stupid. He knows full well who is Lord and who has won. Still he attempts to destroy. Be alert, my sons.

Jun 3, 2007

Seventeen Years!!!

We are best friends...know each other in and out...love and fight passionately.... but in all honesty wouldn't have made it to this point on our own. Lord, we humbly thank You for interrupting our lives.

Jun 1, 2007

Adventures in Wheatgrass