Sep 30, 2012

Anatomomy & Physiology

Galilee & Jemima are taking a Human Anatomy & Physiology class.

How awesome is it that a Master's professor has such a heart for home-education that he offers a class geared towards high schoolers! 

Dissecting a sheep heart.


UPDATE:  Article published today. 

SUCH a good film!  I am completely stressed and I'm not sure I will be able to sleep tonight.

Thomas and Allan...two friends of ours...invited me to a pre screening of Argo.  It is an amazing film.  A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Ben Affleck did an incredible job directing.  It is Oscar worthy. 

Thought # 1...Thomas very wisely....made us aware of our surroundings....locating the nearest theatre EXIT just in case some random...you know.....guy with a beef showed up on on a mission to do some damage.  He didn't say this...but I sure thought it...."He's right....there could be some Hollywood secret cell wackadoodle scenario ...........etc.  The EXIT was directly behind us to the right.

Thought #2...If a crappy obscure short film/trailer You Tube video is the cause of so much middle eastern / North American / intercontinental hoopla...this film could possibly trigger another World War. Lord...let it not be so.

Go and see this film.  Spend your $$$$$ to see it in a theater.  (Locate EXITS)

Do not wait for DVD.  It is that good.

Sep 29, 2012

Women in Pursuit

This is my dear friend, Kelley.  She spoke on marriage at a Women in Pursuit event recently...and something she said was life changing.

Do we realize in the moments when we are having difficulties with our husbands...that our marriages are but temporary?  

That we are called first and foremost to respond to our husbands as brothers in Christ.  With the same amount of grace we would extend to another brother.  After all, they will be our spiritual siblings for all of eternity.

 I had never heard the idea presented so clearly before.  What a concept!

It changes....a lot.

Sep 28, 2012


So recently....I was made aware of the fact that while over here at our home....2 children...other than my own (alongside 3 of my own) partook in a activity that was not so lovely.  Led by Jemima...the kids had printed out photos of  President Obama...and added in magic marker...not so "nice" comments about his policies.  One or two of the comments moved into personal areas. 

When I first became aware of the fact....I reminded the kids that .......even though we think this or that about his choices.......he is still our  President...our Commander in Chief and that his office...requires our respect.

2 of them were convicted.  They hesitated.

My 3 were not in that group.  

A few weeks ago...I posted something on facebook that crossed a line.  I knew that it did when I posted it...but I posted it anyway.   Darn it....cuz at it's core it HAD A POINT!

A friend of mine from college...a white house political speechwriter (liberal) ...called me out on it.  She was right.  I was wrong.  I was convicted.  I told her so and I took my post down.

Well...here we are a few weeks later...a few weeks closer to the elections....and DARN IT!!!!!!!!  I am doing it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shulamite Woman

Even before we moved in, I was invited by a friend to a Bible Study.  One of the first things I did after unpacking was attend.  Good decision on my part.   I am surrounded by a group of gals pursuing the Lord who first pursued them.  They are wanting to glorify Jesus in their relationships.  In their choices.  And...with their time, treasure,  and talents.  Everyone who shows up is in the industry to one degree or another.  They speak my language.   It's so funny how you forget to speak your language when it is not put to daily use.  And how...you are able to pick it up again...when fully immersed.  

This week...we laughed and cried while Natalie...the beautiful lady above...led a discussion on the Shulamite Woman.  She approached the study with the idea of the Shulamite Woman being any believer...and the husband being the Lord Himself.   What a passion she has for the Word! 

When I got home...I did some more study...and found this....

 .....by John MacArthur-

The Song of Solomon: A Look at God-Designed Marriage
While authority and submission is to exist in the home, our relationships should be bathed in love so that they melt together with mutual love and respect. This is illustrated in the Song of Solomon, where we will see a beautiful picture of a right marriage relationship. It is a beautiful example of how leadership is to work.
1. The perspective
In 2:13-15, the Shulamite women acknowledges her husband as the head of the home. She saw him as her protector (v. 3), her provider (v. 4), her sustainer (v. 5), her security (v. 6), and her leader and initiator (v. 10-15). There is no oppression or dictatorial spirit in this passage. She desired his leadership, and he took the role that God had given him. Now, even though authority and submission are present, verse 10 describes a beautiful mutuality: "My beloved is mine, and I am his" (cf. 7:10).
2. The portrait
In 5:10-16, we see a marvelous portrait of the Shulamite woman's husband through her eyes of love. She saw him as handsome (v. 10) and bronzed (v. 11), with soft, tender, misty eyes (v. 12). There was color in his cheeks (v. 13), his lips were fragrant (v. 13), his hands were bronzed (v. 14), and his stomach and legs were muscular and strong (vv. 14-15). She saw him as a strong, handsome, rugged character. In verse 16, when he opens his mouth, he isn't crass or rude. Then at the end of verse 16 she says, "This is my beloved, and this is my friend." She didn't see him as a dictator; she saw him a beloved friend. The mutuality and the spirit of love fits beautifully with authority and submission when love bathes the relationship.
3. The problem
Now you may say, "If my husband or wife was like that, we'd never have a problem." But in chapter 5, we find that this couple did have a problem---the wife would not submit to her husband. In verse 1 the husband comes home late at night, after his wife is already in bed. He was full of love for her, and he knocked on the door, asking that she let him in (v. 2). Her response to him, however, was basically, "Don't bother me now; I'm asleep. I'm not interested" (v. 3). But when she heard his hand on the door, love welled up in her heart, and she felt sorry for her lack of submissiveness (v. 4). So, she got up, put her robe on, and opened the door (v. 5). Unfortunately, it was too late---he had already gone (v. 6). Note that he was submissive to her, in that he didn't force himself on her. She panicked and ran all over the city trying to find him (vv. 6-9; 6:1). Finally, she decided he was in the garden (v. 2) and found him there (v. 4). When she found him, he didn't say, "Where have you been? Why didn't you let me in?" Instead, he said some of the same things he had said to her on their wedding night (vv. 5-7; cf. 4:1-3). In confirming his love for her, he told her that even though she had rejected him, he still loved her as much as he did the night he married her. The problem was solved, and they had a wonderful time renewing their relationship (chap. 7).

What an enormous blessing this group is.
Where God guides God provides.

Zion Style

What to wear when one is chopping onions?  Ski goggles of course. 

Zion Evangeline has been cooking lots lately.  I figure since she's asking to make meals...I might as well let her.

So like Mcabe was at her age.  

Sep 17, 2012

Dangerous Times


Because some of you might not know me well enough to know this about me...I'll make myself very clear.  I do not think all Muslims hate America...thinking we are the great satan.  I do not think all Muslims want to see us go to hell.  And I do not think that all Muslims want to see Israel obliterated.  I do... however think that many Muslims do.

More than we realize in our slumber.

Try to follow the train of thoughts percolating in my head for the past few days. 

We are navigating dangerous times.  I know it's not original...but I really really mean it.

Dan Cathy...the CEO of an American fast food chain is attacked for defending the traditional/orthodox Biblical definition of marriage.  3 American mayors...none of whom expressed an intent to forbid Muslim businesses from being in their cities btw....threaten Chic-fil-A with said action.  American Universities are pressured to kick restaurants off their campuses.

Note to self:  check into Islam's teachings on same sex marriage...also...the Farrakhan / Chicago connection.

Shortly thereafter...in fact on the 11th Anniversary of 911...there is a well organized attack on our US Embassy in Libya.  4 US citizens are killed.  Islamic terrorists and this administration claim the attack and ongoing protests throughout the region and beyond...come in response to an obscure film posted on YouTube.

Apologies are made to our Islamic attackers and mobs.  

Apparently their feelings are hurt.

A presidential candidate speaks his mind on the issue...

Note to self:   check the time lines.

....and is smeared by our biased mainstream media...who is obviously in bed with the current administration.

Facts emerge.  Conflicting stories.  First hand accounts from those on the ground.

The administration is looking more foolish with every passing hour.

Why do we have a problem with calling this attack on our US Embassy a TERRORIST ATTACK?

Does it have anything to do with UN resolution 1618?

Side note....ARTISTS/ FILMMAKERS/MUSICIANS/WRITERS...where is your outrage?????   Are you not going to to find fault with a government that asks google to review a film.....


...with the hopes of them taking it down so that their own problem is whitewashed into oblivion...never to be heard of again... after all the spin is said and done...not even mentioned in future History text books? 

JayZ...some administration somewhere might not take kindly to lyrics of  yours in some future world.  Just sayin'

What if the next administration has a problem with a film which resembles The Last Temptation of Christ?  Or challenges Lady Gaga's... Judas.  Or....let's say...takes issue with The Book of Mormon.

What if they don't want to hurt the feelings of Muslims and think Journey to Jemima has crossed a line?  We do pray for open doors in a Muslim culture...in the film.  We do sing Jesus Love You to  Muslim orphans...in the film.

Or Remnant.....what if we as Americans...are prohibited from making the films we are led to make because some one's feelings might get hurt?  Or, their pride might be wounded.  Or their religious ideals are challenged? 

We won't have to lose our Freedom of Speech if we hand it over, people.

Note to self:   Check into Utah's  banning of The New Normal.

And then there is the whole Israel issue. Huge issue.  Very important issue. 

We are navigating dangerous times.  I really really really meant it.

And, yes the Lord knows all about it and REIGNS on HIGH.

And...Happy Constitution Day.

Sep 11, 2012

Mary of Magdala

Today Zion joined our Tuesday Morning group.  She was in and out as we discussed topics such as prostitution...mental illness...demon possession...sexual temptation...repentance...healing...forgiveness...unforgiveness...idol worship...premarital sex...promiscuity...marriage bed dry spells...depression...suicidal thoughts.

She probably knows more about this stunningly beautiful, redeemed, humble, servant of the Lord...Mary of Magdala... than many kids her age.  Some might not even know what the word "prostitution" means. 

Because she hasn't grown up attending  Children's Sunday School classes or participating in  AWANA...she's a bit out of the loop as far as the more obvious /  "age appropriate"  Bible Stories are concerned.  What?  churched her entire life and she doesn't know this or that?  Yeah........no.......

.....she doesn't.

Maybe we have failed her (and our other children as well) in that area...Bradley and I.  I am sure we have to a certain degree. 

Still we've been led how we've been led in the place where we were ...during the season we were there...and feel as if it has been good and correct for our family.

Pray for Zion as she begins a new adventure.  Recently she began attending a Sunday School class and soon she will try AWANA.  To say she feels like a fish out of water is an understatement.  She is learning to navigate the Christian Church Culture amongst a group of peers her own age.  She has had much home-schooling co-op experience in this area...but almost none in regards to "church" settings.

Also...Galilee and Jemima will have their first high school group experience.  

We'll see how it goes.