Jul 27, 2012

The Blues


I've had two down days...the last two days. Nothing going on but waiting for the plumber, watering the plants, and taking care of neither here nor there odds and ends. The quiet has been good. It's...ushered in an opportunity for me to begin to process all that has taken place and is continuing to take place in our lives.

It's allowed me the freedom to think.

And, to grieve. There is loss.

Here is my experience thus far.

Change is a dream.

Change is desired.

Change is begged for.

Change is resisted.

Change is tolerated.

Change is frightening.

Change is awkward.

Change is exciting.

Change is overwhelming.

Change is embraced.

Change is underwhelming.

Change is purposed.

Change is good.

btw...click on that aqua colored # next to the photo.

Originally Posted: June 28, 2011