Aug 31, 2007

Lord, if they never learn another thing......

You know you are either tired or willing to let your son learn from his own mistakes when he comes into your room while you are dozing off and says, "Where's the razor...Michael is going to give me a mowhawk."....and you say, "Under the sink."

I wake up to discover....no sign of a mowhawk...just a #2 which saved me $12 bucks at Super Cuts.

Aug 30, 2007


$3.00 potatoes
$1.50 veggies (.50/can)

Beautiful. Delicious. Healthy.

The Kitchen Table

Here's the scene I stumbled upon this morning. Zion drawing in her Art Book....Galilee finishing her Math lesson and Jemima ironing her dress.

Aug 28, 2007

My Lunar Eclipse

Before climbing into bed last night, I read a post regarding the anticipated lunar eclipse making it's way towards us in what would be approximately a half dozen hours or so. It was supposed to arrive in our time zone...full grandeur...somewhere between 3-4 a.m. Not being a "science type" of gal, I pondered briefly..."should I set the alarm and be getting the kids out of bed for this?" I know people who do that sort of thing. And I might even be one of those people...if the event wasn't "science" related. I went straight to bed...and without another thought...fell soundly asleep. Wouldn't you know it...in the middle of the night...I'm guessing somewhere between 3-4 a.m.........the Lord wakes me up. I'm thinking, "Oh no, not another sleepless night...I'm really, really tired...please let me fall back asleep." Long silence. I tried hard to readjust...sink into my mattress...breath deeply...empty my brain of wandering thoughts.....No, I was awake. For what reason I knew not. I was getting ready to pray, which is what I always do when I am awakened against my will in the middle of the night...when my eyes...which I am still attempting to force closed...open up. Directly before me...positioned in the upper right hand corner of my bedroom window which faces the sky....is the moon. The moon blanketed in shades of burnt orange and plumish/brick reddish hues. It took my breath away. And this is what the Lord spoke to my heart. "You may not understand what this whole "science -lunar eclipse thing means....but I Am behind it. I Am here. I Am in control and working tirelessly behind the scenes. In all things...I Am here." Instantly, the Lord's whisper revived me. I had no desire to go back to sleep. I couldn't take my eyes off the moon. It was simply spectacular. The moon...a silent witness to Intelligent Design...and the Lord's whisper to my heart...a silent witness to His never-ending pursual of me...and His desire for deeper fellowship. We had many moments of private time...and then, I had to share Him. I nudged Brad awake. "You've got to see this!" He rolled over...strained his neck to sneak a peek at what I was so excited about...thought it was nice and went back to bed. The Lord and I stayed and spoke a bit longer...and then the sun rose and a new day dawned.

Aug 27, 2007

Our New Library

I cannot get enough of this place. It's been open a week and we've already visited twice. Zion loves it too. As we were checking out...she laid herself down on the floor...think snow angel...and sighed, "Ohhhh...what if this were our house?"

Aug 26, 2007

Sunday Morning Pouting and Pursuing

Saturday Afternoon

Jemima reads to "her children."

Zion and Mcabe drawing faces...step by step.

Aug 25, 2007

Black Bean w/ Peppers & Onion Tortillas by Mcabe


Aug 22, 2007

Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

I'm not really sure what to do with this kid.

Peppers & Onions by Mcabe

Zion And The Giant Moth....

...kinda, sorta like James And The Giant Peach.

Good Morning!

I feel more like myself than I have in 10 days. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf...on behalf of Bradley and on behalf of the kids. Life is not much fun when Mama is down for the count...but I am so blessed to see how the Lord has softened hearts and rallied the troops during this time of trial. Lord, I thank you for the mercy you have shown me through a very frightening and pain filled time. Your grace is sufficient.

Aug 19, 2007

The Girls