Jul 27, 2012


The girls were invited to an Awana Event.  So much fun.  They had a great time w/ friends. 

We had a very happy Cowgirl, Hippie, and Butterfly Princess preparing for hours. 

Really, it was my way of satisfying their desires to dress up this week.  When all was said and done....it reminded me why we pulled out of Awana all those years ago.

Our expereince.....works based jumping through hoops to appease a prize giving lord. If you memorize...you get points/applause/recognition/candy...etc. For us...motivation was a concern. Also...the temptation to please man before God.  And, pride.  Big concerns over the pride thing. The parading of good works before men.

The kid who memorizes with ease is not necessarily the one walking closely w/the Lord.  The one who struggles and struggles to do so....isn't necessarily either. 

What are we rewarding??????

I know....I sound so jaded.

As with everything...it's an issue of the heart.

Originally Posted: October28, 2011