Jul 27, 2012

168Hour Film Project


Co-directing with the FABULOUS Shari Rigby.    She is so lovely.  Check out her latest film... October Baby

So when we moved to LA... I questioned whether or not the Lord would ever give me another community of believers like the one He had provided for me in AZ. 

Immediately He provided one.  Not the same...obviously cuz my AZ sisters are irreplaceable....but FANTASTIC nevertheless! 

For 7 months now, I have been meeting weekly w/ a group of gals for Bible Study.  They are so wonderful.  Transparent.  Humble.  Honest.  Raw.  Real.  Authentic.  Willing to stretch into uncomfortable places.  Willing to grow.  Actively pursuing the Lord. 

We are all either actresses...models...writers....directors...producers...publicists...or married to or dating....

.....one of the above. 

We have decided as a group to enter the 168 Hour Film Project.   We will be given a verse in two weeks.  Production starts shortly thereafter. 

We will all be on camera...as will any of our men and children who would like to participate.  We are making due w/the resources we have.  If you would like to contribute financially....100% of funds received will go towards the production. 

Had our first Production Meeting today and it went extremely well.  I will be writing the screenplay.  And, doing lots of other stuff (gotta contact Chick-fil-A and In & Out to see if they will donate cast & crew meals.) 


Hi Rachel,

I spoke w/ a manager at your Hollywood location and she suggested I write to you.  My name is Dawn Gregg and a Women's Bible Study group I am involved with is shooting a short film for the 168 Hour Film Festival.   We were wondering if you would be interested in supplying our cast & crew with 20 meals either on Feb 17th or 18th?

Chick-fil-A  at your Raintree location in Scottsdale, AZ has blessed us by catering a previous film project.  

Also, I have a history w/ Chick-fil-A...communicating w/ Mark Baldwin in your Public Relations Dept.
about a biased NY Times reporter who contacted me after seeing my support for Chick-fil-A on my blog and facebook re: the Pennsylvania Family Institute issue.

Also, we were greatly blessed by Chick-fil-A when they provided food at a conference held @ Grace Community Church a few months back.

As you can tell....we are huge fans!

Obviously we will credit Chick-fil-A if you decided to participate.
Thank you for your time.

Dawn Gregg


Jemima is working in wardrobe.  Galilee is our Craft Service Girl & all around P.A.

It's similar to a missions trip, friends.  Just think of it as raising funds for a missions trip.

Inbox me on facebook if you are led to participate.

I know that I know that I know that you all could care less about this...but financial contributors will be credited :)

Originally Posted: January20, 2012