Apr 19, 2014

Detective Bradley

We have a very encouraging neighbor.  He is also always willing to help in any way he can whenever a need arises. 

This week he got to encourage and help.

Brad had the opportunity to audition for a film.  His role... a detective. 

Bryan...our neighbor has ties to the LAPD so he got on the phone w/some officer over at some desk somewhere and helped Brad figure out the correct way to say some internal code.

And with the dialogue issue settled...he wanted Brad to "feel" the experience of being a cop...so he ran home to get something.  He came back with his bullet proof vest...which he made Brad put on.  

Brad and I filmed the audition scenes and his agent sent them off to be looked at by casting & the director etc.

In his youth...Brad booked lots of tough guy roles. 

Nowadays...I think he'd make a pretty good detective

We were on our way out the next day...when Bryan ran over to see how the audition taping went.

So encouraging.  And hopeful.

Apr 16, 2014

Third Tuesdays

SO this is Clint.  Clint played Mcabe's dad on an episode of Enlisted. 

Mcabe and he really clicked and Mcabe's been telling Brad that they should really meet up for coffee.

After a few months...and just the other day...Bradley called Clint and they got together.

During their meeting...Clint kept saying things that ended with..."It all depends on your belief system."  "The most important thing is the belief system... As long as you have a good belief system." 

So because Bradley is Bradley...after like the third time of this belief system thing coming up...Brad says..."Well, let me ask you a question, Clint.  What is your belief system?"

 Clint doesn't bat an eye.  "Jesus Christ.  I'm a Christian."

Brad is blown away...and yells, "Brother!"

On set...Clint had picked up on something different about Mcabe and Mcabe had picked up on something different about Clint...and that led to Brad being brought in which led to me being brought in.

Clint invited us to a monthly event ministering to Christians in the entertainment industry.

Guess where it's held.

The Writer's Guild.

Last night Brad and I sat with our new friend and worshipped Jesus during a time of fellowship...praise & worship...and teaching.

When Crystal Lewis started to sing...All my Tears...I began to cry.

And I continued to cry.

My favorite song.  

This all happened smack in the middle of Beverly Hills...where I grew up.  Off of Wilshire...in the Writer's Guild building.  


Apr 7, 2014

Random Act

When Random Act was finished with the workshop...she walks up to me and gifts me with the Maryland Black Eyed Susan!  

Just like that.  Tells me she wants our family to have it.

How generous!

I liked her from the get go.  Then...more and more as she talked.

Beautifying the world. 

I was sold on her way before the presentation of the gift.  But...man...that flower sealed the deal.

Apr 6, 2014


Creativity Heals

So we attended a fantastic event last night.  It was a fundraiser held at Lab Art for Creativity Heals

I am totally in love with and inspired by  Wrdsmth's work.  There was this one piece being auctioned off that especially caught my eye.

I wanted it.


So did this other guy.

He and I circled the room...eyeing the bidding table...stealthily upping the ante over the course of an hour....until things went absolutely CRAZY in the last 60 seconds!!!!  It was full on warfare.

I was victorious.

This bench was being auctioned off as well.   I couldn't agree with the message more than I do...so I just had to leave a little love note for it's new owner.


My favorite shot of the nite...

by Kai.

Apr 1, 2014

funny, Boys

So I know I've bragged on our fabulous neighbor before..."Thomas this...Thomas that."

It seriously makes me wanna cry at how the Lord has protected our relationships...even though we have this glaring elephant in the room difference of thought in regards to one particular sore thumb issue that would be an enormous insurmountable wall to some. 

For instance...he and Allan have a giant rainbow palm tree in their back yard.

And Brad and I fly a Gadsden flag in our front yard.

He is seriously the best though.  Thomas is.   I get these messages from time to time about contests for faith based screenplay competitions.  Once, he pointed us to a seminar for Actors for Christ...or something like that.  Totally not us...but it's so cute that he tried. 

He saw my post over on fb...trying to get in front of Candace Cameron Bure and I get this in my inbox...

...then...and this has nothing to do with him trying to find us work...but it's cute so I'm including it...

I get a call to come over and takes photos of his blooming garden.
While there...Allan comes out and asks...

"Are you here to take photos of my latest project?"

"No.  The flowers.  But what's your latest project????  I wanna see."

Allan opens the garage revealing the man cave/storage area/crafting space...and he shows me a beautiful quilt that he's just finished.

As I am admiring the colors...I ask if they have any signifigance?  What's the story with the colors??????  Purple, yellow, and green....

Thomas goes on to explain how it's an "Abortion Quilt."  You know...all about abortion.

I'm thinking..."Abortion Quilt?"  Purple...yellow...green?????  I don't get it???  Huh?  What does it mean????? 

They start laughing.

At me.

It's not an "Abortion Quilt" at all.  The colors don't mean anything.  They are just pretty.

HA HA funny, Boys.   Real funny.  Trying to get me all worked up and hot & bothered. 

That's what I like about these two...we laugh.  Often.  But we also share deep, pain filled, sorrowful sighs.  Cuz sometimes life is very difficult and times are sad.  

Then...Thomas is back to the job hunt on our behalf...

Mar 25, 2014

Ram Brave

When you are holding your breath waiting for the Lord's will to be done...for months and months alongside your friends.

We are humans...so of course we are tempted to hold our breath...to stop breathing while we wait for our GOOD and RIGHTEOUS and COMPASSIONATE and TRUSTWORTHY Lord to answer with a "yes" or a "no"  or a "not yet"  in His perfect timing.

When in the last 72 hours you are eating like a pig while holding your breath.  And you countdown...hour by hour.

What an honor to live life with others.  What an enormous blessing.  To share in sorrows and to share in joys.  To share in disappointments & failures and to share in victories.  To strive alongside one another towards a common goal.  To wait patiently alongside one another for answers...for comfort...for healing.  I do not think life would be worth living if it were not for living life in this way. 

We are all celebrating the birth of a baby boy over here today.  His name is Ram Brave and his arrival has been MUCH anticipated and  MUCH prayed over.

Because of all of our yelping and hollaring and celebratory dancing...our neighbors showed up...knocking at our door last night...excited themselves for the good news.  The look of anticipation on their faces as they stood on the porch...

Is it a job?  Did Brad book an acting gig?  Cedars?  

It's so what they were thinking.  I love that they ran over here and needed to hear in person.

We got to tell them that the baby is Jeni and Neal's.  He is Ram Brave.  It's official.

SUCH better news.  By far.

What a joy to share in  a baby being added to the circle of fellowship and then to know that others are rushing over to share in your joy...even if it's not the joy they anticipated.  Then them sharing in the actual joy.

Living life togehter.

This morning we got the best wake-up call.

Mar 19, 2014

Redeeming Love / Chapters 23-27

Okay...so....life sometimes happens in the middle of all we are trying to accomplish on a day to day basis....and our plans for this or that must take a backseat.

Hence the recent silence in regards to the Book Club.

Sorry.  Back on track.

A few thoughts....

This story has really touched Galilee.  Like really.  I love that!

Like really love it. 

Jemima has a good question...If the Lord warns us against being unequally yoked...why did He tell Michael Hosea to marry Angel?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Mama had worked to keep Alex Stafford's love alive.  Angel wondered now if it hadn't been those very efforts that served to drive him away.  Mama had been so hungry for his love. 

1.  Scripture tells us that the Lord is jealous for us.  Have you ever been the object of someone's focus...so much so that you feel as if they are placing you before the Lord?  If so...describe some of what that made you feel.

Have you ever put someone on the throne of your heart?

How could she, of all the women, be so loved by a man like this?  Oh God, if you are there listening, why did you do this to him? 

2.  Have you ever felt so low about yourself that you have wondered why the Lord is putting others through the ordeal of sticking by you? 

Angel only saw Michael and worshiped him. 

* Thought on this...too much pressure.  No human can stand being worshiped.  Maybe for a while they can...but ultimately being on the throne will cause disdain.  No?  Even when people appear to enjoy being worshiped...do you think they really do?

3.  Michael and Miriam!!!!!  I do not remember it ever occurring to me that the way they interact  is dangerously inappropriate.    Whoa!  Private walks together and Angel is not brought in on what's being discussed!!!!  Discuss.

Read Chapters 28-32  March 28th


Mar 16, 2014

Gabba Gallery

So....since we've got a budding street artist in our home....Bradley and I decided to spend our Date Nite at.....

The Gabba Gallery. 

First thing we thought?  How cool is it that the gallery chose to support a local church by acquiring their lot for the evening?

Right when you walked in...in the first room was the piece by Plastic Jesus we've all heard so much about.

Thrashbird told Bradley that he and Teacher love our son's work and that when they were out and about one night putting up a piece they saw one of his that needed a fix.  They were gonna stop to do it but ran out of paste. 

Thrashbird is extremely nice.  Like one of the nicest most friendly and approachable guys I've ever encountered.  He said Brad and our boy can go out with him anytime.

A mentor's heart and  hands on education.  I love that!

This lady in the coat...with the suitcase....if she's not made of money she wants everyone to think she is. 

I'm dying to know if she bought a piece.  And if so...which one. 

Mar 11, 2014

Cute Photos of Zion



Mar 3, 2014

The Hollywood Manager

When your husband asks you if you own a gold chain he can wear.  For an audition.

The Little Prince

This precious child cried herself to sleep last night.  Belly cried into her pillow.

"Why did the snake bite the Little Prince?"  

"Why is he so evil?"

 "I'm so sad."

"Why did the Little Prince follow the snake"'

"Why did the Little Prince let the snake bite him?"

"Why did he even go near him?"

"Why did he even talk to the snake?  We're not supposed to talk directly to Satan!"

High discernment and excellent communication skills.  This kid.  She breaks my heart and gives it hope all at the same time.  

Things we need to talk about today:

The Little Prince was perceptive. He had insight and special knowledge.  He saw the elephant in the hat. He saw through the adults and their strange ideas.  He was wise.  He led the pilot to life giving water.  He was a caregiver.  He was innocent.  He chose to be bitten.  He sacrificed himself.  He lived on. 

Also though....

Was the author a believer?  Did Antoine De Saint-Exupery intend this story to be a Christian allegory?   Can it be read that way?  

Or is it to be viewed through a humanistic mindset.

Well, who knows???????

The story has obviously touched many people over many years and seems to perplex them all on some level.  

Man oh man...when you are the parents of a child who asks a lot of really good questions and feels things very deeply.  It is an honor to help her navigate life.  It is humbling.