Jul 21, 2014

Cousin Zoe

Zoe ... Life

Olivia... Olive Tree / a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty & dignity.  A symbol of peace.

Thanks to Brad's Auntie Judy...he has loads of photos from his younger years. She is no longer with us...but her sweet grand-daughter is.

Jul 14, 2014

Some Fun Things

More Gabba Gallery openings.

This piece...Made in China... sold for two thousand something bucks.    It reminded me of this current event ...and I think it's thought provoking.

We discovered Little Tokyo.  

 A Wishing Tree & Gelato Mochi. 

Sushi and a delicious Daikon Radish Salad.

And when the boys came across a really cool event...they called us up and told us to head over.

Off The Wall Sunday nites in NoHo is something super cool.  A space and art supplies are provided.  Graffiti artist come and put up their work legally.  The hope is that those who attend would be inspired to diversify their portfolios...step outside of their comfort zones...and eventually be able to sell their work.  Zion and Brad have participated twice now...and I've tagged along.  There's an open mic...(rap must be clean...no cussing)...dance offs...(amazing talent is an understatement) a food table (all donated and free to attendees.)  It's really a very inspiring thing.  

There is no security and things could get tense quickly...but haven't so far.  Everyone has been very  respectful.  Zion doesn't like the wafting smell of marijuana so much ...but she doesn't mind the lingering odor of spray paint. 

The first nite...Zion came up with a French Dude in a Beret.

Last nite...she came up with a Sugar Skull.

Downtown ART WALK.

The Peddler's Creamery

The Last Bookstore

Worldviews on display.

This lady became a little bit uncomfortable when I asked her if I could take photos.

These guys...believers...I give them a lot of credit. Out there doing the street evangelism thing.


Jul 7, 2014

Memorable Week-End

This is where I record many of my memories.

American Girls. 

 Love our neighborhood. 

Redondo Beach.

Sleep over.

Sweet fellowship.  When no words are needed.  They just know.

Solid teaching from Conrad Mbewe.  Here he is at Strange Fire.

Jul 4, 2014

July 4th

We are quite pleased to have a Hobby Lobby open in Burbank today.

To show our support...I bought a picture frame and some art supplies for Zion and some red, white, & blue party things for a BBQ we are going to tomorrow.

The BIG SMILE on my face is in response to learning that the store is CLOSED on SUNDAYS!!!!!!

I believe strongly in civil discourse.

That girl ^ above...although quite beautiful...had no idea what she was talking about.  And she was angry.

The guy...the one hiding up there ^ ...he was loud.  Nothing he shouted made any sense at all.  Illogical at best.  His sign obviously took a lot of work.  I could at least appreciate that.  

Understanding the Biblical concept of not casting pearls before swine...I looked for an open door...cuz...I've found without fail during this walk I'm on with the Lord...that where He guides...He provides.

I might have found one in Medley...

In spite of the noise around us and the rude interruptions ...we spent about a half an hour together.  We had a mutual respect.  We shared ideas.  We made eye contact.  I don't think our voices got too raised.  If they did it was only cuz the enemy did not want us connecting and threw every loud mouthed fool in between us at every opportunity.

The bottom line for me.  When with child...the body inside a woman's body is not her body.  Any drug that is intended to kill a defenseless human body is demonic in nature and conceived in the pit of hell.  Abortion is not health care.  And one person's health care needs does not automatically trump another's religious freedom. 

I tried to explain to Medley that what she is wishing for leads to a very dangerous place & places us all on a slippery slope.

She became emotional and removed herself from the discussion.  I would not let her go though...without a hug.  And well wishes for her desire to have a baby.  She's actually currently trying to become pregnant.

I honestly do not have much of an idea of what was taking place around me while this discussion with Medley was happening.  I'm told...people were filming.  Hopefully something I said...will be planted in a heart somewhere or maybe something I said will be used to water a seed that has already been planted?  Who knows?????

Only the Lord does.

The results of our obedience are never ours to take ownership of or cling to.

Hope.  That's what I have.

A reporter from The Burbank Leader approached as I was headed back to my car.  She asked me a few questions.  Was very polite.  Seemed fair & balanced...level headed.

When I got home...I in boxed her publication.

Here's what ^ that fuzzy part of the message says...

 The publication's response...

 ...I sent them that smiley face with the BIG SMILE in return.

Then I went and got my art piece and framed it with the frame that I bought at Hobby Lobby on July 4th. 

Jun 29, 2014

BIG Twenty

Mcabe and Braverijah have a bond that is amazing behold.  It's been that day since Day 1.  They are so similar in so many ways but woven differently too.

Mcabe's very witty.  And very determined.  Strong willed.   

He's always had this raspy voice which goes perfectly with his rascal ways.

He is a very good younger brother.  Loyal.

Mcabe's always been a snuggler...cuz he's quite tender-hearted.

I  am humbled by the way both boys welcomed their sisters into the home.  With so much joy and wide open arms.

Today...since it's his Birthday....I will focus on Mcabe.

Mcabe is a very good older brother.

He's a mush.  So sensitive.  Forgiving.  And, protective.  Hope-filled.

Compassionate.  And encouraging.  Caring.  Generous.  Other-centered.

Warm.  Doting.  Affectionate.

I've decided to post photos of the young Mcabe Justus because I cannot handle the fact that he's 20.

It's just too much for me to bear at this moment in time.


He's also a little Dickens.  He KNOWS how much I dislike "love yas."

So of course I get this...

Sassy.  And so sweet.

So Mcabe.

Jun 28, 2014

Good Places in LA

Monte Carlo's in Burbank.  This is a old fashioned Italian corner market.  They have the BEST deals on pasta.  All sorts of shapes and sizes.  Crazy shapes.

Reality LA

If you are looking for solid Bible teaching...you will find it here.  Hard truths.  Life changing.

( btw....I think it is so LA to have a condom billboard directly under the Hollywood sign and over your kids event...lol)

Fryman Canyon is Zion's favorite canyon to hike.  Especially at sunset. 

LACMA ...beautiful grounds.  Completely pleasant.

Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe  in Studio City has my favorite gelato offerings.  Flavors like Lavender and Chocolate Chile.  This week I had a cup of Lemon Basil and it was to die for good.