Nov 1, 2014


October 31, 2016

It's Halloween again.  Long story short....Brad and I did Halloween growing up.  After salvation....we didn't see Halloween in the same way.   We didn't raise the kids doing Halloween.  When our boys hit their late teens.... they started dressing up with friends and going out to parties.  Our girls have dabbled in Harvest Parties...dressing up...getting candy.  I don't remember a time after Braverijah and Mcabe were 6 and 4 that  any of our kids trick or treated.

Still don't like Halloween.  Still have an opposition in my spirit towards it.

This is the first year since moving to LA that our girls aren't even mentioning dressing up.  (We aren't involved with a church that has an event planned this year.) Our boys went to a costume party Saturday night.  I have no idea what they are doing tonight.

This article came across by FB feed this morning.

Previous Halloween"ish"  posts...






When you have the spiritual gift of discernment...you have this ability to identify things as either "of the Lord" or "not of the Lord"...and usually...instantaneously.

For me...celebrating Halloween is not of the Lord. 

As a family...we have navigated this conviction in various ways over the years.   Early on ...soon after Brad's and my salvation...we tried the dressing up as Biblical characters route.


We have ignored the yearly event altogether... focusing on Reformation Day instead.  One year we watched Luther as a family.  Just borrowed it from the library...so we'll watch it again sometime this week...I suppose.  



This is always good.

We have gone to church "Harvest Festivals."

Eh.  Depending on the church.  Depending on the atmosphere.

We have thrown Costume Parties.


(btw....I much prefer when any festivities occur on a day/night other than October 31st.)

Last night we attended a Game Night at a friend's home.  Some people dressed up.  Others did not.  There was a snack table...hot cider on the stove and a prayer time.  We prayed for Hollywood...for the lost in Hollywood.

A fun time.  Also, a somewhat somber time.

All in all...my thoughts about Halloween have not swayed or shifted in any way since becoming a Christian.

I do not think celebrating Halloween is of the Lord. 

It's a dark night.

I am beyond confident that the Lord is victorious over darkness.  Jesus is risen from the dead.  He has conquered death.  The enemy is a dog on a leash.

I simply do not think celebrating Halloween is honoring to the Lord.

We did dress up for this "Game Night" at our Christian friend' home.  Again...I really wish it wasn't on Halloween Night.  Felt sorta yukkkkkky. 

Probably won't do it again.


Celebrating...that's what we need to define.  And also....rejecting legalism and walking boldly and confidently and humbly in conviction.

Those the part we are learning to navigate year after year.

Sep 26, 2014

LA County Fair

Jemima likes The LA County Fair more than Disneyland because in her words..."You get to be with all the real LA people...ethnicity's...social groups...etc...enjoying crazy, insane, sketchy rides together."

The guy in front of us on line for that SWING RIDE...the one where you go way up in the air and twirl around at great speed with your feet dangling...apologized to her in advance for all the swearing he was about to do.  She nodded in understanding and gave him the "go ahead."

Sep 16, 2014

Red Carpet Fashion Dreams

Brad's at the computer.  I'm on the bed...crocheting.  Zion is next to me watching an online tutorial on how to make ribbon hair barrettes.  Jemima is digging through my closet...looking for something to wear.  

Jemima:  When Dad does his big movie and we get to go to the Oscars...I know what red carpet dress I want.  I've been dreaming of it.

At this point...Brad turns from his work and almost breaks down.  Seriously...he is close to tears.  He and I have eye contact.  What a sweet thought.  What a sweet encouragement. So much hope. 

Jemima:  It's a cross between Aundrey Hepburn's in Funny Face...wait.....(she googles).....  no Sabrina!  So gorgeous!!!! 

Jemima:  And Jennifer Lawrence's.... I don't know what year...wait... (she googles.)

Me:  The one she fell in?

Jemima:  Yeah.

Me:  The white one?

Jemima:  Yeah.  So classic.  So beautiful!!!!!

Then ...for the next five minutes...Jemima and Zion go on to discuss 50's fashion.  Cinched wastes...silhouettes...skirt lengths...etc.

Zion:  Remember in Call The Midwife...that outfit she wore when she went to the bar...with the cute sweater that went to here (points to high waste)  and the pants?   The black high wasted pants.  It was the late 40's early 50's outfit.

Me/Jemima:  The cigarette pants.

Zion: Yeah.

I am not sure where all this would fall on an academic record...but it should fall in there somewhere.  

Sep 7, 2014

LA exploration

 Our friend, Lacy invited us down to the Cooper Design Space...to her showroom to pick out some footwear.  She said,  "Bring large totes." I took that to mean..."Bring.... a....... large tote" ...so I showed up with that orange one below....

She sent us on our way with this  ^ HUGE box of sneakers!
What an enormous surprise and a blessing beyond belief.  Generous people make my life.  I swear...there is nothing like it.  Generosity.

Jemima has been busy busy busy...working on new designs.  Her workroom was in need of fabric...so since we were only a few blocks away from where all the fantastic fabric is found...we went shopping for new fabric.  LOVE LOVE LOVE what she chose...although we have come to the realization that I am way more into patterns...especially anything tribal or ethnic looking...than she is.  

After our fabric shopping expedition we were hungry soooooo.... we headed over to ...

Grand Central Market  which is a pretty cool place.  Basically it's a food court smack in the center of downtown with lots of food options to choose from.

 And lots of interesting things to see and people to meet.   This guy...Kiki stopped me cuz he liked my poncho.  It reminded him of his tribe in New Mexico. 
10 minutes later...I passed Kiki on the street.  He was hanging with his pals drinking.  Sharing a passed around 40 oz bottle.

One thing about LA is that there are homeless people EVERYWHERE.  Literally everywhere.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it.  It's sorta like I am numb.  Like paralyzed. 

What the heCk?????

This is not okay.

Being numb is not okay.

It's not apathy that I am feeling.  It's different than that.  It's a numbness.

Not okay at all. 

And my word...the spiritual darkness we encounter at practically every turn.  So so so so dark.   This store literally almost made me ill.

A heightened sensitivity to things not of the Lord lately....I find myself experiencing.

And just across the street....I had no idea this beautiful building was within reach.  What a gorgeous space.  The Bradbury Building. 

Aug 31, 2014

Farewell Summer 2014

The "official start" to the new academic year begins on Tuesday.  Three days spent in Newport was a great way to end the summer season.  

Relaxed, Refreshed and as Ready as I'll ever be.  

 Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.     Proverbs 19:20
(So enormously thankful for friends who speak truth & model humility & grace to our kids.)

The Lord sent me a little love note...in the form of a seaweed heart.  He is so romantic like that.  Always pursuing my heart and reminding me of his unfailing love. 

 "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival."     C.S. Lewis

"The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are."    C.S. Lewis

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up.  But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!    Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

The Lord has seen fit to deliver me a season of heartbreak.  Maybe heartbreak isn't the correct word...maybe it's more like heart-sickness. Hard times are hard...especially when wounds arrive from unexpected places. 

This girl has been a constant.  Discerning and wise and empathetic.    I am thankful for her friendship.   I know it's a gift. 

Aug 19, 2014

Lifestyle of Learning in our Home

Braverijah graduated "early" and with less Math but more community college credits than Mcabe.

Mcabe graduated "earlier" than Braverijah and with some community college credits.

Galilee is graduating "late" cuz she still has stuff to work on.  So far...no community college credits.

Jemima graduated last June..."early"and without community college credits.  This morning...she went through our home library and chose 1/2 dozen History books to read this coming year and is committed to going to go through a Grammar program because she's weak in that area.
Zion...she's officially starting 6th Grade...but only because that fits in with what we want to do in regards to Sunday School at church.  She's working at a lower level in some subject areas and is way advanced in others. 

If I had to do it all over again...this home-educating thing...I'd buy less...stress less, and worry less.

Zion's 2014-2015 Syllabus :

Math / Saxon
Science / Apologia Botany
Latin & Vocab / English From The Roots Up
Grammar / Easy Grammar
Spelling / Spelling Power
Writing / Skype Class incorporating IEW & Any Child Can Write
Literature / Newbery Titles
History / Online Veritas Old Testament & Egypt
Dance / Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Spanish
Art / Misc.
Various Field Trips and Cultural Events
Service / Children's Hunger Fund
Bible / Weekly sermons / various speakers & faith events / Sunday School

Bradley and I will be attending...

..and the girls will be joining us as part of our ongoing education.   We will also be leading a Book Group in our home...Respectable Sins. 

Lifestyle of Learning ...one of the BEST things that ever happened to our family.  My anxious heart calmed.  My convictions were affirmed.  I grabbed a hold of the message and have been walking it out to the best of my ability ever since. 

Jul 31, 2014

Circle Day

Zoe spent the afternoon with us.  It was CIRCLE DAY.

Because obviously we are crazy people....

My husband got to act today.  And you have no idea how happy that makes me.

It's been a long time.  And a quiet season.  Not easy on him.  Not easy on me.  Not easy on the kids.  But....oh...ever so good for us. 

Brad plays a pastor...who delivers the Word...a fact which does not escape us as he steps into his first role since our return to the industry we love so much... because obviously we are crazy people... THREE YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!! 

Three years without acting work.  Three years of dreams.  And confusion.  Three years of rejection and fear.  Three years of false starts...human efforts...being still...stepping out in faith...running ahead...and catching up.  Three years of preparation.  Of questions.  Three years of challenges.  Of two steps backwards and three forward.  Ultimately...three years of obedience to the call.  


I swear...I think he is happier for the hope & joy this small role has brought to all of us than he is for himself.

Actually...I don't know.  He's over the moon.  I got every little detail of every little thing that happened on set.  He can't stop smiling.  Grinning from ear to ear. 

Jul 21, 2014

Cousin Zoe

Zoe ... Life

Olivia... Olive Tree / a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty & dignity.  A symbol of peace.

Thanks to Brad's Auntie Judy...he has loads of photos from his younger years. She is no longer with us...but her sweet grand-daughter is.