Sep 19, 2015

Public Apology to Eugene Scott

UPDATE: 5-7-19

Well, it's been a while.  The Lord has revealed some things over time.  Nothing surprises me.  Things make a lot more sense.

Take Away:  Trust the Lord's promptings. Act on them. In love. Even if the promptings are not received in love.


I met a dear sister for a bite to eat yesterday.  During our time together, she tells me she feels as if I didn't do a good job of loving a fellow believer during a social media back and forth.  He and I have had ongoing differences over the past few years...aired publicly and privately over fb walls and in boxes.  Try as we may, we don't see eye to eye more often than not.  After a recent go around...I asked him if he identified as a Christian.  I had known him to do so in the past and I was trying to figure out if there had been some sort of shift. This hurt him...I hear from my sister...our mutual friend.

After being deleted & blocked over on fb, I was feeling sassy and posted about the incident, not naming names...but we share one or two intelligent friends and truthfully it would not have bothered me if they had put 2 and 2 together. I have no idea if my sassy post was seen by him, because we were no longer "friends" by this time.

So here it is...

The truth is....Eugene Scott and I have trouble. He's created in God's image...abnormally handsome, intelligent, articulate, passionate, charming, fun to be around in person (ADDITION since original posting/ ...and dapper.) I'm not really sure what the core issue is...but I do know how it has been manifesting. On my end...I want to communicate one of two things on his posts.  Either a Biblical worldview or a more Conservative leaning one.  I have failed to do that in a manner in which he has felt loved and that has wounded him.  Eugene Scott, CNN political reporter, I am sorry.  Please forgive me for my failure to love you well. You drive me crazy with your opposing views on matters and methods/style of communicating them and I am certain you feel similar things in regards to me.

That does not mean I don't want you in my vicinity.

Iron sharpens iron.

I am thankful for this one holding me accountable, pushing me deeper, and kicking my sassy butt with her wisdom and discernment.

* Eugene was sent a private message prior to this public apology. 

"The great crisis comes spiritually when a man has to emerge a bit farther on than the creed he has accepted." - Oswald Chambers