Apr 30, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

If he falls and breaks his neck I SWEAR TO GOD ALMIGHTY...I'LL KILL HIM!!!!!!!!

Sauteed Mushroom & Sun Dried Tomato w/ Red Pepper Flakes & Fig Goat Cheese Pasta

It's heavenly. Slightly hot. Slightly sweet.
Whole Wheat. Healthy.

Apr 27, 2011

Another Child

You have 5 children on earth and 5 in Heaven.  You don't use protection because you have been convicted that your womb is the Lord's to do w/whatever He decides fit.

You struggle w/fearing pregnancy...struggle w/ fearing loss of pregnancy...have adopted....have a heart for adoption........have no immediate leanings towards adoption........have intimate martial relations.......and haven't been pregnant in years.

You know that children are a gift.  A blessing.

You have a name chosen for your next child...boy or girl.

Even though you do not know if there is another child.

Go to the River

A big "thank you" to Crunchy Christine.

1/2 of 16

Two Reading Lessons & two Math Lessons today. 1 episode of the Waltons....so that's History/Social Studies. She made her own Chicken Salad lunch...good old Home Ec.... while I tackled the master closet during a 200someodd shot Engagement Photo Shoot upload.
What's 1/2 of 16?

Me: Who needs math manipulatives when you have hangers?

Brad: That's what I say.

Apr 26, 2011



Trusting between panic attacks.

Everyone keeps on asking us what we are doing and when we are doing it.

Our answer has been and continues to be..... "Preparing."

For what exactly? We will let you know as soon as we do.

It's so great though...cuz we have a peace about where we are not supposed to be. So at least that's something.

And what I mean by that is....The Lord is so wonderful in showing us step by step what He would have us do. Just because we can't see beyond our noses or 8 weeks out or the forest for the trees doesn't mean a darn thing as far as He's concerned.

It would be really nice if what we think might come to pass...comes to pass...but then again....whatever He has for us is good and better than whatever we can think up.


Apr 23, 2011

Happy Flower Designs

Super cute Leather Debit/Credit Card Holder. Also fits small IPods. She's CUSTOM making them to any size.

Jemima is making some really cute things lately. She takes SPECIAL ORDERS :)

Apr 22, 2011

Good Friday.... By His Wounds

Apr 20, 2011

Hey Cuz

Apr 13, 2011

Meet Troi Lowery

Meet Troi Lowery from Dead Rabbit Pictures on Vimeo.


Growing up...my brother and I were best friends. I hope and pray these boys stay close as time progresses. Better yet...it is my prayer that their affections for one another grow deeper over time.

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity"
Proverbs 17:17

Apr 12, 2011

Time Out

Apparently they were being sassy. Hysterical.

Apr 11, 2011

Family Bed

I was sorting through a box of old photos...when I came across this one.

Apr 9, 2011


What do you do when the Lord tells you to do something that really makes no earthly sense at all?

That's what He has done w/ us. We are hearing very clearly (though not audibly LOL!) one word... over and over again.


So we are preparing. Have been for a bit. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. We continue to do so.

For what, you might ask?

Who the heck knows for sure???????? We think we know...but we don't really know.

I have been pleading with the Lord for clarity....even asked my facebook friends to pray for it. And now I am asking you, my blog friends to pray whenever the Lord brings us to mind.

Maybe He gave me a hint of something today? Maybe this is a bit of encouragement directly from Him, my loving father?

I know of no other way in which to interpret this message...which spoke to my heart...just as it was beginning to fail.

Apr 7, 2011

Apr 6, 2011

Target Practice

What target are you aiming at?

Trying to work that out over here. Day by day. Hour by hour. Moment by moment.

Psalm 127:5

Big 44

Ada, Nica, and Evelyn Johnson had Zion too pooped to party. They were landing in Florida and she was landing in LALALALALA Land.

The boys went to some ridiculous concert in LA w/their friends but made it home to the desert in time for dessert.

BIG 95

Aunt Florence had a Birthday!

btw...Yoko Ono.....I mean Nana..... has on the super cool shades due to an eye infection.

Apr 3, 2011

Stand By Me

Stand By Me had just been released..when Bradley and I met.

What a loving Father we have...to have our paths cross so young in life. Although we did not come together in a Godly manner...the Lord worked it all together for good. He is such a gracious Redeemer.

WOW! Time really does fly.