Dec 30, 2008

Cedars of Lebanon

Here's where we are at:

We've been contacted by a cinematographer/producer who owns his own production house in L.A...who is willing to invest all of his resources...the use of two RED cameras, a lighting & grip package....and ALL post production services. In exchange he wants some back end ownership of the project. We've got a super talented lead actor, Shawn Hatosy and a killer script (in all humbleness.) Any financing ideas? Anyone?


Please contact me privately if the Lord brings anything to mind.

t.p.ing AZ style!!!!!!!!!!

A few very dear and sneaky girls....along with their very dear and sneaky mothers...plotted and planned......and snuck up on our poor unsuspecting family in the middle of the night and did their dirty work!

Real men embrace powder puffs.

Dec 29, 2008

When I'm not in my flesh and outside of my brain with fear...I love being married to an artist. Our artsey fartseyness certainly has it's challenges...but everything in life comes with challenges...and the benefits of our lifestyle certainly outweigh any obstacles we encounter along the path.

If you are so led...please join me in prayer.

I've committed to unceasingly ask the Lord to open artistic/creative/passion-filled doors for for my husband to walk through.

Dec 28, 2008


1.5 miles....much of it uphill. Zion did great. She never had to be carried once....a first for her! And we all broke a sweat even though it was only 50 degrees. We had so much fun and the views are incredible!

Why do I take opportunites like this...spectacular scenary in my own backyard...fresh air...family together time...healthy living.... for granted?

I'm thinking about making this hike a weekly thing. Anybody interested?

Dec 27, 2008

When I was at USC I was given a photography assignment to tell a story...Beginning/Middle/End.... without using words. A visual story. It's one of the only assignments I remember.

What a great exercise.

Candlelight Service

Mcabe Style

He's got many interests and things which keep him busy ....photography, film stuff, X-Box, music, a growing vinyl collection, snowboarding, hunting etc. He always seems to gravitate back to and seems at home in the kitchen though.


I have visions of Mcabe writing his own cookbooks and doing all his own photography work.

The thought keeps coming back to me and it won't go away.

The Pudges

Mama's CRAZY gift. My boys are the best.

PAUSE my Music Player.

The Visitor

Simple. Complicated. Fabulous. Flawless performances. Beautiful.

Dec 23, 2008

They've tried baseball...and tennis....but it's hunting that's stuck.

Dec 20, 2008

I Love Facebook!

It is so incredibly awesome that people who have not seen each other since grade school can catch up across the years and miles like no time has passed. Memories are flooding back. I recognize every single face in that photo....and most of the names....too!!!!!!! Our brains are amazing! I'm back in Staten Island....P.S.(Public School ) #32. I remember the outfit. Believe it or not....I remember Ira Ashwal's shirt, Chris Castella's overalls, and Francine Scotto's turtle neck. I remember the hair-do...doing it that day for the photo. I remember the monkey bars on the playground...and hopscotch. I remember standing on the toilet to talk over the stall with my girlfriend and getting in trouble with the assistant principal. I remember peeing in my pants during a fire drill. I remember bomb scares where we had to get under the table (cold war.) I remember immunizations in the hallway...given by the nurse. I remember waiting at the bus stop and giving my mom my poncho because it was 75 degrees and I didn't need it. I remember that my mom would pack date nut bread and cream cheese sandwiches. I remember the day that I was laughing so hard in the cafeteria....that I snorted milk out of my nose. I remember that my brownie troop met in the same cafeteria and one time I said "What the hell?" and my mom made a big deal and told my dad when he got home from work. I remember loving those times.

Dec 17, 2008

Saint Nicholas

Here's what we tell our kids about Santa.

If you repent of your sin...and accept the Father's provision....if you have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ...one day you will get to meet the real one! Today is the day of salvation. Do you hear the Lord's voice? Is He knocking on the door of your heart? Will you submit? Will you bend your knee?

Oh Lord, please save my children...each and every one.

The CHRISTmas Cottage

Here's the visual...Nana, Papa, and I....warm and cozy..twinkling lights all around...with tears rolling down our cheeks.

The kids liked the film very much...but didn't cry.

Papa said that they would understand one day.

P.S. I Love You

Here's the visual. Bradley and I warm and cozy on the couch at midnite....twinkling lights all around...with tears rolling down our cheeks.

I wonder if other people cry as much as we do???????????

Dec 15, 2008

So, Zion had her first ever "friend" (more like cousins) sleep-over. Up until last night...she had only spent the night w/out Dad and Mom at Nana & Papa's house. Bradley and I were fully prepared to make the cooooooooold (40 degree) half hour trek to pick her up somewhere between 11-12 pm...and quite honestly......disappointed when it never took place. I woke up somewhere after midnight and prayed for my baby girl. I tossed and turned...and tossed and turned for a while, but eventually fell sound asleep.... knowing she was absoultely fine.

We slept till 8:30. And, how cute is this? When my mom (Nana) woke up.... she called Cate....just to make sure her baby grand girl was okay. Just checking in....she didn't want to wake us up...in case we were sleeping in....figuring Cate MUST BE UP w/all those liitle ones. Nope, they were sleeping in too.

(Thanks, Cate for the photo evidence. I still CANNOT believe what I am seeing!)

And cuter still.....word is....Zion and Ada climbed into bed w/Sean and Cate for some cuddles and Sean was in his underwear and a "t' shirt!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zion Evangeline's world has expanded.