Jul 27, 2012

Grow Where You Are Planted & Happy 2012

It's been six months now...since our families relocation.  In some ways...it feels as if time has gone by very quickly and in others...it seems like a lifetime ago that we were driving down Happy Valley. 

Really, it's been a blur.  A time of trying to get our sea legs.  Navigating new territory.

The girls have had it the most difficult.  They really, really, really miss their friends.  Their grandparents.  Their home.  Their pool.  Their desert view.  Their wide open spaces.  All of it. 

Most wounded by what seems to be a cruel turn of events in their otherwise lovely world...has been Zion. 

I haven't been blogging as much as I used to, I know. 

What would I say, "Belly sobs as she fell asleep again last night"....or...."Heard again today how we've ruined her life and how much we must not love her at ALL!"

It's true what they say..."A mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child."

So, to be completely honest with you...I had mixed emotions about the idea of visiting Arizona.

We weren't sure at all if it would be a good thing or a bad thing?  Seeing friends whom you miss terribly...being so close to "home"...just down the street...but not going "home" because someone else is living in your "home."  Leaving friends again. 

It became apparent that we had to go back though.  The fantasy of what once was... had become so paramount in her mind...that it was becoming a stumbling block to her growing where she is planted. 

All that to say....we made the correct decision. 


Driving away wasn't easy.  We cried. The girls and I.

But after the tears...by the time we hit the windmills...we were looking forward to all the things the Lord has in store for us in 2012. 

Happy New Year, everyone.

Originally Posted: December31, 2011