Jun 20, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

The sweetest thing ever.  Mcabe's tears as we prayed together on the driveway...then pulled out.

I will carry those tears to my grave.

Jun 13, 2011

He Is & He Will

I'm pretty sure that the earthly powers that be who made the decision to change things up had no real clue how that one little decision would affect the lives of  7 individuals and their intimate circles of family & friends.

They probably had no idea that future work options would require a move out of state.

That it would mean uprooting & finding a place for 7 people.

That it  would mean finding others to fill our place here.

That it would mean MAJOR changes for 5 children and 2 parents deeply rooted in a community.

HUGE relational changes.

HUGE emotional changes.

HUGE educational changes.  

HUGE financial changes.

That it would mean leaving a home.  The only home 4 out of 5 children have ever known.  2 of them...w/adoption challenges.  A whole other story.

That the day in and day out easy breezy contact w/ grandparents would change significantly.

That the day in and day out easy breezy contact w/ friends would change significantly.

That a trusted Pastor/Teacher & Sunday School class would become an internet presence.

That we would have to say "so long" to our 95 year old Aunt...while not knowing if it is really a "goodbye."

That one child in particular would be crying and saying...."I'm asking God to answer my prayers and He's not doing it."  Her sweet prayer...that God would give Daddy a job in Az so that we don't have to move to Ca. 

They had no idea.  I am sure of it. 

Here's what I do know.

The Lord is GOOD.

He has used the decision made by the earthy powers that be to minister to my heart.

To give me HOPE.

He is aware of every single aspect of our move and He has purposed it.  At this season.  For a reason.

He is trustworthy.

He answers prayers.

He is in our corner.

He has our best interests in mind.  

He is in control.  Completely.

He knows us better than we know ourselves.  

He will catch us.

He will make a way.

Mexican T.V. Till Death Us Do Part & Brotherly Love

Why are the girls watching Mexican t.v.?????????????????????

This is the second time we have hired a professional window cleaner in our 16 years of living in this home.

The things we refuse to spend $ on ....unless forced.

I'm pretty thrifty and do not like to spend lots of cash when there is no reason to do so.  Traditionally....we have been super frugal in the laundry detergent area.  Costco bulk brand...whatever it is.  It's fine....does the job.  I've had no complaints.

Recently we ran out and needed a quick answer to a growing laundry pile.   (No time for a Costco run...so Walgreens it was.)

WELCOME Gain Island Fresh into our lives.  I will always buy you...from here on out.  I do not care what I have to sacrifice in order to have you be a part of our lives.  I will look for coupons and sales...but I will not choose another if I come up void.  You have my word...I am yours and you are mine.  Till death us do part.

 btw...I have the most thoughtful friends in the entire world.  New games for Zion during this busy time when most every adult around her is distracted and in over their heads.  

Not Mcabe though...he's helping get things done that need to be done and making time for little sis.

Mom is super blessed today. 

Jun 12, 2011

Family Folklore

According to family folklore...he saw me there for the first time.  I was wearing a long white fur coat.  I had no clue he existed.

We didn't actually meet for another two years.

By Christmas of 1986...I had made the first move ;) and we were together.

I'm not sure if my romantic husband kept this little keepsake momento as a token of his love for me...or because he has a bit of pack rat blood running through his veins...but it is sweet that he still has it & that he remembers.

Jun 10, 2011

College Stuff

More interesting info on college stuff. 

Jun 9, 2011

Big 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pure joy.  That's what this kid is to me.  Even during her worst moments...it's pure joy parenting her. 


I have kept every single piece of work from every single child since our home-educating journey began in 2000.

Don't ask why?  I have no idea.  Even after pondering long and hard...I'm still at a loss.

It might have something to do w/pride.  Like...see all we accomplished....WOW!

Or...it could be linked to fear....like holding onto the evidence...having the ability to to silence a would be future spouse of one of my sons who might be critical of our choice to keep him home.

I'm so ridiculous.

It doesn't even matter why cuz now it's all piled into a heap on the floor...ready for the trash bin which should be arriving on the drive-way within the hour.

I kept some writing and artwork.  That's it.

The rest is rubbish. 

We've got boxes of tax work as far back as 1985.  There is seriously something wrong with us.

Jun 8, 2011

What Next?

Ozzie encourages me so.  He is someone I'd like to meet when I get to glory.

Jun 7, 2011

The Real World

For those who visit this blog via the RAD world...you will be happy to know that we have not yet had any major regressions.  Not even minor ones.  Nothing to speak of.

This is HUGE news...considering the fact that we are moving out of state...leaving behind the only house and home since the orphange...11 years ago.  Leaving behind family & friends.  Church & co-op.  Traveling to a home we've never actually seen.  To an address I've not yet memorized and haven't even map quested yet....therefore cannot speak much about. 

This is HUGE!

I am one proud mom.

Also a wise one....w/ lots of experience in the Real World.  Verses the Bubble one.

Expecting a time of whiplash...while hoping & praying it won't ever come.

Jun 4, 2011


Autumn Light

I woke up this morning to a lovely SURPRISE! Autumn Light by Amy Whitehouse was waiting for me in the kitchen...wrapped up all pretty w/ a bow. A gift. In more ways than one.

I am so in love w/this piece and cannot wait to hang it. Since I have never actually seen the home we are moving to...I'm not sure what spot will do it justice....but as soon as I do know...I will post a photo.

Jun 2, 2011

John Huston

I love what he has to say here. It's all about relationships.


This is Luke...one of my students. This past semester we had lots of fun in our Logic Class. Fallacy Detective provides a good framework for lessons. A few times....I warmed up their brains w/suduko challenges. Also...I had the kids produce their own commercial spots and print advertisements.

It was a blast to see the Final Propaganda Projects. Luke nailed his!

I've been co-oping with this group for the past ten years. I'm interested to see what the Lord will do as He moves us out of our comfort zone and into uncharted territory. I must be honest....it's a bit nerve wracking. I do love our co-op so. Life will be strange without them week in and week out.

It's the relationships I will miss most. The shared laughter. The shared tears. In close proximity.

A bunch of families getting together to educate their children as they see fit. With no imput from a school board. No imput from the gvt. Hardworking dads and hardworking moms. Hardworking kids.

It's wonderful.

One Wednesday Nite

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are super sensitive you might be offended if you scroll further.

Brave: We have a problem, Dad. We need a spacer.
Brad: What?!????????

5 minutes later...

Brave: Damn it! These things stripped.
Brad: No they didn't.

And why is Mcabe's hand in his pants?

No explanation necessary.

This next image is a problem on multiple levels.

TV babysitter.
No sheets.
A "borrowed" towel from one of the various local 4-5 Star hotels where the boys & their friends sneak into when they are bored out of their minds...serving as a blanket. Resort town living.

btw......I love Steven Tyler btw. He is the perfect Jewish grandfather.

Jun 1, 2011

Rasberry Ripple Purse

Jemima has been advancing in her sewing skills thanks to lessons @ our local Bernina Store. She's made a zippered change purse, a pretty blouse, and this intricate handbag...all under the tutelage of older mentors. It's been so sweet to watch her interact w/the ladies. They are tickled by her tender age and obvious passion.

We're thinking this is most likely a life long bent that we need to nurture.

If you have a kid that wants to sew and make pretty things...take advantage of the Bernina groupons whenever they pop up. I highly recommend their shops.