Dec 25, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas

Dec 15, 2012

Isaiah 55:8

Bradley and I were invited to hang out with a group of friends.  We wound up behind a VIP rope surrounded by dancers at The Abbey in West Hollywood. 

The male dancers weren't wearing much...if anything at all.

And obviously..... they were being paid to entertain.

They were beautiful.  Stunningly handsome. Strong.  Muscular. 

And young. I kept thinking of our sons and their friends.   No parent (gay or straight) in their right mind would be pleased or proud.

I was praying the entire time...and I could tell Bradley was too.  For the dancers...for the bar tenders....for the waiters...for the bouncers...for the patrons.

People have a hard time making eye contact in these situations.  But even a harder time holding eye contact.  I tried to look into the eyes of whomever the Lord placed before me.

A beautiful girl began to dance.  Dark hair.  Pretty smile.  My mind went directly to a friend of ours...a single mother.  She knows I don't like that she dances for a living cuz I've told her.  I want my friend to stop dancing.  To stop stripping.  I want her to see how beautiful she is.  How talented she is.  How amazing she is.  How fearfully made she is.  How wonderfully made she is.  How she is made in the image of God.  I do not want her to be used by other people.

I wondered about this girl in front of me.  Had anyone ever tried to reach her heart?

Places like this are so ridiculously and overtly sexual that they cease to be sexual. 

It was hands down right up there with every other non sexual experience one could ever imagine to encounter.

I do believe in supernatural protection.  And I do believe that the Lord equips the called.

We know precisely who the Lord had us at The Abbey for.  And I'm sure we were there for some others and we don't have any clue whatsoever about that.

For those of you who are concerned for us...

We felt led to leave before things got really weird.  When you are walking in obedience with the Lord...you are able to better discern his whispers and trust His timing in all circumstances.

On another note...if you are so led...please pray.  We have a friend who is coming out of the porn industry.  That's not easy to do.   The temptation to return to it is strong when bank accounts are squeezed into tight places.  When your identity is found in your sexuality.  In your work.  Idols fall hard.

We are contemplating where the Lord has placed us and how He might want to minister to others thru us.   

Dec 6, 2012

Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven

Linda Manz is amazing.  Pure talent.  I remember thinking the same thing about her when I first saw the movie in film school.  What an actress.

Best moment of the night...when Zion compared the fire destroying the wheat field scene to the lighting in Gone With The Wind.

Better yet....when she judged the fire destroying the wheat field scene to be too long.... and then compared it to every scene in "The Life Tree."

Bradley and I just about died.

She meant "The Tree of Life."

And she had no way of knowing Terrence Malick directed both.

Outward evidences of the film education she has received via osmosis.

And more evidences of a "family bent." 

Blew me away.