Jul 27, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

So the girls are taking this art class together. I believe they are the only home-educated students in the room. Galilee and Jemima are definitely the oldest.

It's so interesting to watch from the rear. The teacher is talented, knowledgeable, and obviously operates from an institutionalized POV (to incorporate into a structured and often highly formalized system.) He spends much time telling students to hold their paint brushes in one particular way...to sit down on their bottoms...to not fidget, to be silent...to look at him...to stay in the lines....to move faster....to slow down... etc. The intervention on his part is never ending. One little boy was scolded for having his finger in his nose. Poor thing wanted to crawl under the table. Another was told that he could not go to the restroom. We would have had an accident if I did not usher the kid (w/out permission) to the toilet.

The girls are in a state of shock...I think. They are not used to this sort of personality and I'm sure they are wondering how he gets away with it.

All in all...it's a great learning experience for them.




I've made it my job to befriend this fella who looks exactly like the grandfather in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Yesterday I picked his brain about Pablo Picasso. I think we bonded a little and I'm pretty sure he even smiled.

Gotta brush up on Winslow Homer so that we have something to discuss next week.

Originally Posted: January 26, 2012