Sep 29, 2013

One of Those Weeks

Ever have one of those weeks?

The exhausting sort.  When only the steadfast, unwavering, firm love of the Lord sees you through.

The kind of week where it is very apparent that human efforts can offer no real solutions...temporary or lasting.


That was our week.

Started with one child...full on overt rebellion....

...then moved to another...full on conviction & repentance...

....then another...quiet conviction & repentance spurred on by the transparency of the overt sibling.

The boys were a great help.  And a great comfort during what can only be described as a move of the Holy Spirit like we've never experienced as a family unit.  

We have now walked through three children being brought face to face with the validity of their own faith claims.  I've probably blogged about it before...but I have no idea where to find the posts w/out effort and I am so not into putting forth any effort at this moment.

Some of you might know that I sometimes react physically to emotional/stressful/anxious/spiritual skirmishes.  I fight like all heck...then I tend to crash.  When in the safe zone...my body tends to poop out.  

Braverijah came to us in his early teens and told us that his knowledge of the Lord had been a head one (demonstrated initially by raising his hand during a VBS alter call :)   And then...years later...just like that...supernaturally...it moved to his heart....changing his professed yet non saving faith into a saving one.   He wanted to be baptized and was.  

Mcabe was young...maybe 9-10?????  When he cried and cried on my lap...afraid that he was not actually saved at all due to a pattern of sinful reactions towards another.  He had raised his hand and said "the prayer" at the tender age of 3...during an evangelistic puppet show alter call :)  Years later......on the couch...we brought his sinful reactions and other things to the Lord together...acknowledging his resentment/wounds/anger/fear etc. and turning it all over to the Lord's sovereign care .  He was able to find rest where there was once restlessness.  He knew for sure that he was adopted into God's Kingdom.

Precious Zion has had a similar experience this week.  Coming to us in tears...absolutely distraught over the possibility that her faith has not actually been a saving one.  She had a whole laundry list of reasons why she has been questioning her standing in the Lord's family.  I cannot tell you how precious it is to attempt to help soothe a contrite heart.  I am weepy just thinking about it.  She was under such deep conviction about every single little thing.   

The Holy Spirit truly is our helper.

And the enemy is our accuser.  And the father of lies.  And the one who plants seeds of doubt.   He attempts to get us off track.  He attempts to stifle us and to paralyze us. 

How to know the difference between the non believer who is being convicted that they are a white washed tomb and the believer who is being condemned, bullied,  and harassed????????

Bradley and I met a young man at a church we were visiting last week.  We had just finished speaking on a Sunday School classroom panel and something we said touched him...spoke to him.  He was so stinking transparent and authentic in his asking our thoughts on how to know absolutely that you are truly saved or not...being sure...struggling with the doubts etc.  It took all my might not to hug all over him.  What guy in his 20's approaches a random couple and asks about such things???????  We talked about the fact that his even pondering such things is a good indication of the Lord's presence and working in his life.  How those who care about such things...only care about them because the Lord first nudges them to.   Zion was right there by our side...and I am sure she over heard our conversation.  God is so good in that way.  Using every moment in time to get us to the next moment in time.  Nothing is wasted.


Three believers have come to us in the last week...processing through deep times of anxiety and depression...both things Bradley and I have dealt with.

I am sensing a spiritual battle like none I've ever known.  A heaviness hangs over so many in our circle.  

Here's what I know.

Salvation is of the Lord.  It cannot be lost.  Growth is of the Lord.

Repentance is of the Lord.

We are to submit.  We are to obey.

We are to walk in the light as he is in the light. 


Sep 23, 2013

1 Thessalonians 4:11

Re-decorating our little cottage :)

Brad and I stopped at a Thrift Shop this week-end because I was looking for plastic hangers...and this one spot I visit usually has them for $0.05/per.

Well, they didn't have any hangers this time....but they did have this wonderful basket which I am so in love with and loads of embroidery thread for SALE.

I was seriously on my way to Michael's to buy embroidery thread  because I needed new colors for my TWIG CROSSESWe've started CHRISTmas crafting over here :)

And our avocado pits have roots and are ready to plant.

"...and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sep 19, 2013

Pirate Day

Sep 18, 2013

Down for the Count & Choosing Joy

I've had a bad few days.  My back went out due to stress.  It's never good when my back goes out...but when it spirals and I cannot get on top of the pain...I get nauseous.  So I've pretty much been ready to puke and down for the count.

I am so happy Zion has friends who can "school" with her and hang with her while I am alternating between ice & heat packs and applying muscle rub to my radiating pain and trying not to cry. 

Just an average wealthy teen.

Farm girl in Tennessee who lives with her grandmother. 

Stuck up daughter of a duchess. 

Evangeline Cottage

I get to search for all sorts of local thrifty finds and then pass them on to you in my shop!  

Sep 11, 2013

The Psychic & I

While paying at the register at a local Thrift Store just now...

Woman:  Wow!  It's hoooooooooot.

Me:          Really?  It's actually nice out.  Nicer than yesterday even.

Woman:  No.  It's really hot.  I don't know....(pointing to her stomach)  somethings going on.

Me:         Do you feel okay?

Woman:  I'm sensing something.

Me:          Oh.

Cashier:  Do you need to sit down?  Can I get you some water?

Woman:  (ignoring him and focusing on me)  Do you have someone in your life who's betrayed you?  
                Someone you counted on...who's let you down?
Me:         (chuckling)  Yeah.... actually I have two who come to mind.

Woman:   You have three.  One leads to two and two leads to three.

Me:           I wouldn't doubt it.

Woman:  I'm a psychic.

Me:         Ahhhhhhhh  o.k.  Well, thanks for the heads up.

At this point the cashier gives me the "Welcome to Crazy Town look" and the psychic tries to hand me her card.

Me:         Thanks, but I'm not interested.

She and I made no further eye contact.  I tried but she wanted nothing to do with further eye contact.  Instead...she responded to the air.

Woman:   Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....it's hot.

It's cuz you're playing with fire, Lady...I thought to myself as I made my way out.

Sometimes the Lord has me talk and talk and talk to someone...no matter how dark that person appears to be.  And sometimes He gives me a red flag that says...NOPE...not this one.

This lady came with a red flag.

As I was driving home I was reminded that the Holy Spirit is our ever present help.  And we are to heed His whispers & instruction.

This encounter with the psychic got me to thinking again about the people in my life who have "betrayed" me.

I know that I know that I know that their absence...their vacancy....their disappearance from my day to day life is Lord orchestrated for my protection...and for the protection of those around me.

No doubt in my mind.

Sep 9, 2013

16 Years in Christ

Brad and I were baptized 16 years ago today.

I am convinced more than ever that we are engaged in a war.  A war for souls.

Romeo thought the choice to get knuckle tattoos was a bold one.

What's the point of getting a tattoo if it isn't gonna be bold

It isn't some battle in some far off land where drones & paid mercenaries do the dirty work while we remain untouched in our safe towers that we're fighting.

It's a street fight we're throwing down in.


Sep 8, 2013


I love our teaching pastor.  I love the way he rightly divides the word of God...his preaching is off the charts.

I love his heart...he is a dear dear sensitive type and weeps openly about his role in past abortions.

I love his transparency...during today's sermon he reminded us of his prior to Christ meth use.  (Brad just now said to me this very minute without knowing I'm blogging about this...."I could hear it in Tim's voice...he was thinking to himself should I say this right now?   And then he just said it.")  

I love his authenticity...he's honest about his struggle with control issues.

Last year he preached a series on Ecclesiastes which was turned into a book.  If you read it...I think it will bless you.

"Porn makes polygamists, pimps, and traffickers of us all."  Pg 67

"  ...the legalist and the hedonist have much in common.  They are equally self-centered and driven by ego."  Pg 71

Here is a question I've been mulling over.

If you find yourself in a desert.  In a dry place spiritually...and you honestly believe that your spiritual well-being is the most important part of who you are...and the spiritual well-being of your family is what counts most...and that pursuing it should come first...above all other things....would you move to a place of spiritual health so that you are fed?  Would you be open to it?

Sep 5, 2013


I've been asked so many times...usually by those thinking of home-education their kids...what our days look like.

Our entire life... day in and day out... all year long is open and available to be counted as "home-education."  

When we see MacBeth in the park...we count it towards Literature.  (could be counted as Theater but we don't have any thespians :)  

When we exercise w/friends and join a volleyball team and take tap/ballet/Spanish & jazz classes...we count it as P.E.

When we prepare food...we count it as Home Ec.

We don't care much about sitting at desks...the couch is way more comfy...and in our pj's is usually how you'll find us...especially before noon.

Sometimes we even sit on the floor and count suduko as Math while watching Shirley Temple films.

We don't look like "home-schoolers." 

Most of the time that is.

Dear old Jemima pointed out that I was wearing an Israeli Pride tank top and that Zion was in a housecoat and headscarf as we were heading off to run errands in Burbank.  

To each his own.  I think that's the point.

Whatever works for your family as you travel the HOMESCHOOL road.  Enjoy.  Relax.  Rest in the freedom that is yours.