May 1, 2011

Ted Hawkins

PAUSE my Music Player first.

Bradley and I were living together in sin...in Venice.

We had no idea that the guy was sharing the Gospel w/ us even though his CD was playing constantly in our Mitubishi Montero.

20 years later the Lord is using him to speak to us from the grave.

Today, I asked Bradley to find a place for us there...in Venice. Not my ideal. Not where I might choose. Yet...I asked him to pursue our options. There. In Venice. Once again.

Then, My Man showed me this video. I kept thinking we would show up barefoot in the background on the boardwalk.


Ted was awesome. Google him.


jared Reasy said...

such a road-worn voice
so honest in his confession
i didnt want to love it

familygregg said...
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familygregg said...

Me either.

Kim Thompson said...

I can totally see you guys living in Venice! And, we would LOVE to come visit you there! :)..or anywhere else you decide to move. :)

Angelia D said...

Okay, how did I never know that you had lived in Venice???

familygregg said...

2x Once on Horizon and once on Speedway.