May 24, 2011

Luke 9:58

Desert Ranch is a "no." Think Big Love.

The Cottage is a "no." Too tiny upon reflection.

Zen Garden is a "no." Accepted an applicant who was in line before us.

Burbank Skyline is a "no." Someone somewhere didn't like something I said on my blog. I suppose I was googled.

Meeting w/my parents tonight. Need some wise counsel.

Prayers would be appreciated as we are finishing up all that needs to be finished up here. Last minute details.


Lisa Taylor said...

DAWN!!!!!!!!!! Oh.my.gosh! I'm so sorry.

Kim Thompson said...

Oh my...still trying to get over the "blog comment" thing. God has something in store for you guys. Maybe you are "stuck" here for awhile!! :)

Ashasnana said...

Steady as she goes... your God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus and that ain't chopped liver! Trust His heart when you can't see His hand!