May 15, 2011

Grace Community

Besides the fact that we are going to the City of Angels soonish...there is one more thing that we know. While there...we will attend Grace Community...that is....Lord willing and the creek don't rise :)

You do not have to live in the LA area to benefit from Pastor MacArthur's teachings though...you can actually find him on the radio. Of all places!

btw...the opposition to this pastor and his message is very real. It often comes from believers in the name of "concern"...veiled...yet not so subtle. More often than not ....it's private conversations that reveal the heart of criticism while public accolades abound. And usually...it's second hand info that's been passed on that has everyone so wound up.

Reminds me of the opposition facing pastors like John Politan and Voddie Baucham...among others.

Makes me want to vomit....the face to face handshakes whilst jabbing knives in the back.

I should know. Been there done that.


Andy and Kiara said...

I'm so thankful you have found a church community you are excited to join. How cool that they are encouraging adoption through foster care awareness month (May), and a video of a family who adopted from China on their home page!

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

That's the church my parents grew up at...and were married in...by John. Good guy. Great church. P and S still know people there if you need a hook up. Much love to you all!