May 13, 2011


We were hearing ..."Prepare."

Now we are hearing..."Move."

Notice pretty new tiled roof.


Raising Family said...

Move? are you saying you have a date now? Like you actually have the moving vans? Ugh Ugh! Although I have to tell you...This morning it dawned on me for the 1st time why you guys belong in LA/hollywood. Someone said something today on FB (you know what I am talking about) and the lack of compassion made me realize the compassion you do have. There are so many things we judge Hollywood for but you see it as a cry for help and respond with love and compassion. You have an understanding for the lost out there an understanding a lot of us do not have in regards to Hollywood. God has prepared you and now it is time to send you off.
I have to admit that I did not understand why in the world someone would want to be apart of "that world" which was totally judgemental, BUT having said that I prayed that God would show me why He would send you there. I trust your discernment and look up to you for your discerning heart but I have to say...I doubted a little... sorry. God answered my prayes this morning and revealed to me WHY YOU.
I love you and will pray your family through this journey.

Okay, now snot is pouring out of my nose!!

familygregg said...

I love you so much. I know you have been struggling and I know you have been wrestling. My Dear dear friend...you and I will always be dear dear friends. We need your prayer. I need your prayer.

familygregg said...

snots too