May 11, 2011

Bear w/ Me

It's either that I have schizophrenia or...my spiritual life has caught up with my emotional one (or has the emotional one caught up to the spiritual one?)......cuz...tonight I AM FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have spent a good part of the last some odd years begging the Lord to show us a sign of His goodness (in this one particular area...work/career) For open and closed doors. For clarity and for direction.

He has done JUST THAT!

btw... my mood may change again....so bear with me.


Ashasnana said...

I'm freaking excited for you because I share through prayer in God's faithful, radical, life-altering provision and plan for your family! Keep it coming, God! Take the Greggs where You will maximize all of them for Your glory!! Give them courage and faith to embrace the unknown, knowing that YOU know, YOU have a sovereign plan, and YOU love them more that is possible to imagine!

Lisa Taylor said...

YES, what Ashasnana said!!!!!:)

familygregg said...

blogger lost my encouraging comments :(

I remember them oxoxoxo