May 14, 2011

Beachwood Canyon?


These 3 HARDWORKING men have been here for 9 hours now...busting their cojones. I've offered to feed them multiple times. They keep denying me.

So we tipped them cerveza $.


We are convinced that a modest little free standing home w/a yard would be best. No one above or below. We are a family of 7 after all. I don't know what your arguments are like...but ours are doozies :)

If you are so led...please pray that we find a great place at a great price. Oh...and that the perfect renter wants to live in our Sonoran Desert home.

As I check e-mails & slip in a quick blog post from our very congested den area...3 super hardworking men (here 7 hours so far) are laying 22 square yards of industrial strength charcoal grey flooring...and....Jules & Liam are checking out a Beachwood Canyon place for us!

Things are progressing quickly. Not much else to do. A new kitchen sink and a new stove. Cleaning and sealing tile floors and counter tops. Small fix-ups here and there.

We made do over the years...a practice most can relate to...but our renters will have some really nice upgraded digs.


Lisa Taylor said...

Beachwood Canyon........I have no idea where that is but it sounds FABULOUS!!!!

jgirl said...

Dawn, you look amazing! Julie

familygregg said...

Hollywood hills.
Place we sent her to was great but a bit too small. She had visions of Bradley losing his mind with a pillow over his head to drown out the rest of our noise.

By "amazing" I'm sure you mean "haggard, disheveled, sleep deprived, and un-showered."
thanks :)

Kim Thompson said...

Wow. You guys have been busy!!