May 22, 2011

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe


The Desert Ranch is now in the mix. Got a call back from the owners who live in Montana. Super cute. Lots of cacti. Rose bushes too. Hard wood floors. Fireplace. Detached office...which means the boys could have their own space and we can have a guest room!!!!!!!!! Larger living area than the Skyline Burbank. Same street and same$ as Zen Garden.


So we have applications in at three properties.

The Cottage
in the mountains of Tarzana (S. of Ventura) is so special due to it's charm and the GORGEOUS piece of land it sits on. Small living space but doable. It's like a little fairyland. Zion's favorite. Actor landlord. Least $.

The Zen Garden
is great too. Equestrian area of Burbank. Near Disney & Griffith Park. Boys would have their own guest house out back...(w/out a bathroom...but they can come in the main house for that.) Actress landlord.

The Skyline Burbank
one by Warner Bros. is the first one we saw which we came back to...but still haven't gotten a response on. It's super cute...super clean. Smack in the center of Burbank. Most interior living space. Most $.

Bradley, Mcabe, and I are torn. We like all three very much for different reasons.

It seems like a tough decision...so we're taking my Dad's advice...which is to let it go now......not pursue one over the other and see what happens.

It's as if I keep falling into this forgetting that the Lord is intimately involved in the details of my life thing. I can be going along well...trusting and walking step by step...and then...suddenly I run smack into my own humanity. Wanting clarity and immediate answers. Lacking patience. Trying to control the situation. I'm such a fool.

What's wrong with me?


David said...

Nothing is wrong with you! Yuo are human and we see through a straw. The Lord has a 360 degree perspective. The important thing is you catch yourself and keep coming back to Him!!! (thanks for the reminder as I'm guilty as well) You are loved by the King, and us and so many others too! Praying for and Blessing each of you. David