May 26, 2011

Shabby Chic NoHo

We have a new address. Move-in date June 15th. The homeowner is just as beautiful as can be. She is an actress w/ an Emmy. A believer and conservative in her politics. She's leaving the industry to teach English to kids overseas.

Why oh why did I ever struggle w/confusion, fear & doubt when The Lord had every detail taken care of all along?

My faith has been stretched. And strengthened.

The house we will be living in is so lovely. Brave and Mcabe have their own separate space on the property...w/a bathroom & a kitchenette. There's a white picket fence and even a great big tree in the yard.

You should see the smiles on the kids faces. Well, four of them are smiling. Sweet Zion is fighting back tears. This transition is a BIG deal for her little heart.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are now selling our vehicles and replacing them w/wiser choices for LA. Also...we need a renter for our home.

On another note...Brad heard from the old friend we bumped into at the Bob's Big Boy parking lot last week. He's the real deal.

Enormously blessed tonight.


Raising Family said...

so over joyed for you guys. The Lord is making Himself known through you guys. He is exceeding all of our thoughts and prayers. Man, what a great God we serve!!

Kim Thompson said...

I like ALL of this post!! Except the part that it means you guys really are leaving. :( Soooo happy for you guys though. Isn't it funny how we are surprised when God comes through for us? As if He wasn't going to and then decided to at the last minute? I am waiting for some of this in my life and this just encouraged me to hang on!! xoxo

Andy and Kiara said...

It is so beautiful to see how He is providing for you all.

I am praying for Zion.

4texans said...

I come across your blog sometimes. Our social worker recommended we see the video you made for your journey to Kaz back when we were adopting our son in 2009.

Congratulations on the move, sounds like a really interesting property!! We are also in socal but not down in LA. I'm sure you will find some wonderful homeschooling groups. With all the budget cuts, it seems families are looking more and more at the homeschooling option, we even have a charter school for it here. I know someone down there that homeschools her kids (one of hers is from Kaz as well) if you need to make any contacts. My email is mom2okayo(at)yahoo.com