May 20, 2011

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We have literally scoured every corner of Los Angeles and all areas in between. It's all come down to one home...the first one we saw and have returned to after viewing approx. 30 others. The paper work has been delivered for review and now we wait to see if it is where we will be settling in. It seems we should have a back up choice before pulling out of town...but as of right now, we do not. It's as if the Lord is being very specific with us. This location...this size...this $. Trusting in His sovereignty today. Praying we would find favour in the home owner's eyes.

Also...our every morning breakfast is a Sam's Bagel. We were finishing up Wed. morning when Bradley said, "I just need someone to say...Bradley Gregg! Where the heck have you been?" We all chuckled at his nice little fantasy.

Not an hour later...he was standing in the Burbank Bob's Big Boy parking lot when he hears..."BRADLEY!!!!!!! BRADLEY GREGG Get over here! Where have you been?!?!?!?!" It was a dear actor friend of ours. Well known w/ the ability to follow thru on his offers. Immediately, he offered to help...to make some calls. He's a genuine man. I believe he will. It was so nice to catch up with him. Been married to the same wife we knew way back when for over twenty years now and they have two daughters.

Another old friend has helped in a mighty way & offered much encouragement. So humbled.

Yet another is working hard to find us a place and protect us in a lease.

An yet another...a new friend...is offering introductions where introductions are desired.

We are trusting that these are open doors and we are walking forward step by step.

Fear about the future does seep in every now and then...but we keep remembering...BIG God little problem. Little God BIG problem.

It hit me this morning that our kids are watching all of this very closely. Oh Lord, that you would use this time period to grow their individual faith walks in powerful and lasting ways. Lord, may their roots be digging deeper as they are being uprooted.


Tamara said...

Very cool! It must be encouraging to see things seeming to fall into place. Praying paths remain clear.

Ashasnana said...

Great, great news! We continue to pray for each of you and to offercsupport any way possible.

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

Our family knows a few people in LA. haha...don't hesitate to use Pat Sullivan. He's got nothing on Kevin Bacon. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration....but not really.

Praying that God goes before your each and every step and prepares your new home for you. Just wait...it won't be long before you are hanging at the beach in the summers...and Griffith Park in the fall.
Love you with all of my heart. Really.

Kim Thompson said...

Oh I love you guys. God has something great in store for you. I love the way you are trusting HIM with the timing and revealing of it. Our hearts are sad to let you go, but happy in knowing that something great is on the horizon for the Gregg clan. We have so enjoyed having your girls in our home for the week. Thank you for entrusting them to us. We love you so. xoxo

Ellen said...

love you guys and praying too

Seven's Heaven said...

I am not surprised, I have loved watching you trust God these many years. But I am also excited to see Him open this next chapter. Keep your palms open, let Him guide. Glad we can keep in touch. Love you dearly, will pray for you often. Mwa