May 17, 2011

My Name is Dawn & I am a Mystic

We had a super chill ride after a disastrous and stress filled morning.

If you know my husband...you know that he is a mystic. That means he sees meaning in things others might miss. God's whispers if you will. All around. All the time.

I'm actually a bit of a mystic myself...but I don't own it with the passion that Bradley does. I'm sad to admit... it doesn't always sit well with my practical side.

All that to say....

Axl sang us in. AXL!!!!!!!!
4:30 on a week day..
Zero traffic.
Five free lanes.
Wide open.

Passing the skyline...singing at the top of our lungs..... "WHERE DO WE GO? WHERE DO WE GO O NOW? WHERE DO WE GO O O O O OH WHERE DO WE GO o NOW?

Another awesome little whisper....Damon called as we passed the Hollywood sign. Although we know that he is in a safe place and doing well...we have not heard from him in quite a while. Talked about him during the drive. So weird how we were thinking of him and he was thinking of us at the same exact time.


On a side note....ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants...Chan Dara. The chicken curry is TO DIE FOR.

On the way in....I fell like a clutz into a pothole/gross puddle thing getting out of the van. Cracked my cell phone screen...so I cannot send or receive texts. If you need to get a hold of me...call. Took three extra strength Tylenol and am now going to sleep in Marina Del Rey.

Wait...I wonder if me falling in a pothole means anything???????


Sean's Ladies said...


Andy and Kiara said...

So sad to think of you driving away. But I can't help but be excited to see what God has in store for you now. No more falling, okay? :)

Lori and Alexandra said...

I had been praying for your journey yesterday...... loved seeing the sweet picture of McCabe and Zion together. Big brother giving comfort to little sister- doesn't get any better than this. LOVE that you were welcomed into LA by sweet child of mine and no traffic! I think we are too much alike when it comes to this kind of stuff- the little things the Lord brings to us are so incredible..... love you!