Aug 7, 2008

Zion spent an hour playing with our matrioshka doll collection this evening.

I realized that she was practicing counting.....

....and sorting according to size. Here...they are put in pairs determined by height.

I was never they type to buy all of those pricey math manipulatives. We just use whatever is laying around...beads...forks...pennies.... nesting dolls...etc.


Sean's Ladies said...

Oh, 5th child syndrome!! You NEVER would have let the girls do that!! LOL.

Family Gregg said...

No way! They were high up on a shelf so that none of the pieces would get lost. ( I have visions of passing them down to grandkids.)

Then I realized....they could be enjoyed and cared for if we are intentional and careful during playtime. Mulltiple lessons taught at once. There's a thought!