Aug 21, 2008

I was raised watching tennis....back in the Jimmy Conners, Tracey Austin, Chrissy Everett, John MacEnroe, Martina Natarolva days. Although I never took up tennis.....my father and my brother did. It was serious business. They worked hard on the court..... and as a family....we shared many hours around the sport. One of my most vivid memories is of a time when I was very young...lying on a lounge chair....under a soft blanket...falling off to sleep in the breeze....must've been Spring and about 80 degrees...the lounge chair was on the grass...things smelled fresh...maybe it was at St. Joseph's by the sea courts...where my Dad played in a tournament almost every week-end?

After taking a torturous, hour long cycling class (I've never EVER sweat so much in my life) I was too pooped to party last night and went to bed earlier than usual. Bradley was downstairs with the kids and their whoops, hollers, and voracious cheers were keeping me awake. What on earth?!?!?!?! This morning I learned they were highly involved in the Women's Volley Ball match taking place in Beijing.

It brought back sweet childhood memories.

I often think to myself....What are the times my children will hold onto? The certain places, the seasons, the smells? I am often running around busy, busy, busy....and the kids?.....all the while.........they are having moments.


Emma and Lizzy said...

I have sweet childhood memories of tennis too. It's the only sport I did with my dad, we took lessons together even though he already knew how to play. And he got me a signed Yvonne Goolagong racket. Sweet times.

Emma and Lizzy said...

oops, that was me, Susan

Sean's Ladies said...

always the beach with all my family....can't wait to be with the again in just a couple of weeks!!

Sean's Ladies said...

you should ask them--like once a year-maybe part of grow where you're planted!!

Susan G said...

You know, I'm listening to the "last lecture" and it's so much about our childhood. GREAT book. I'll lend it to you if you want!!!!!!!


Seven's Heaven said...

Okay, is it just me? I can't read the green font on your blog.