Aug 28, 2008

In honor of Project Runway Nite....the girls dressed up.

When Jemima asked why we weren't watching tuning in last week....we told her it was because they were doing an episode that revolved around trannies. She asked, what's that? We said, "Men who want to dress up as ladies." She said, "Oh."

It's not that there's a lack of love for trannies. In our opinion, there have been a few adorable and talented designers over the years who were living las vidas locas. It's not that tranny behavior is worse than our behavior. Sin is sin. Just different manifestations of age old problems. Anger, unforgiveness, disappointment, fear, pride, lack of trust, self-love, self-hate, etc....

It simply seemed wrong to watch a full blown tranny extravaganza where the lifestyle was being flamboyantly GLORIFIED.

I suppose some would say watching the show at all...is "wrong wrong wrong"....but we haven't had that conviction.