Aug 28, 2008

About ten minutes into the most supernatural fire show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!...I thought...."this is it" and asked the kids if they were ready to meet the Lord. I followed the question with a prayer for softened hearts (as mine was beating out of my chest).... and submission to the TRUTH as the earth roared with His majesty.

Then the storm passed.

I'm hoping the memory of His power is burned into my five little hearts forever.

I know I'll never forget tonight and the evidence of His authority over creation.


Emma said...

That was a crazy storm! I was up till 10:30 !!

Alex Joy said...

I was up til 1pm it was so loud and bright!

Eve said...

I woke up at 11:30 and it was still raining really hard! We have a flat roof so I heard it all night long.