Aug 17, 2008

Potatoe & Onion Fritatta w/ Brussell Sprouts

Start with a sliced onion and sliced potatoes (from can) sauteed in olive oil, salt & pepper.

Add eggs. Let rest on medium flame until 1/2 way set. Place in oven safe dish. Sprinkle w/cheese. Bake at 350 degrees...until golden brown and firm.

Sprinkel w/ fresh herbs and serve with roasted brussell sprouts.


Sean's Ladies said...

EWW!Brussel Sprouts?? What are you doing to your kids!?!?!
I am an adult and am so happy I don't have to eat them anymore!

Kimberly Haugen said...

Oh my gosh that sounds so good!!! I love potatoes, onions and eggs.

Susan G said...

I'm coming over!!!!!!!!!!!!