Aug 13, 2008

In his testimony, Phil V. is transparent about the sin that ruled him at the height of Big Idea's heyday.... and shares with humility the hard lessons the Lord taught him during the downfall that left the company which brought us Veggie Tales in shambles. Now, the Lord appears to be doing something new through this creative genius. It sounds exciting.




Simply Moms said...

THRILLED!! Seriously! We knew it was only a matter of time, but this is awesome!!
I may just have to steal your post, I am so excited!

Family Gregg said...

Is this not the best???????? Finally, an alternative. This content is cute, funny, relavant and Godly. I am so excited. Mostly about Phil V's trust in the Lord to grow the company as He sees fit. And.....about the doors this open s for the boys and their passions....and for the little ones who are in our care and under our protection.